asked Sep 11, 2006 at 7:52am
Canon Canon FC 1

Canon PIXMA iP1500 waste tank

What would be the correct reset code for my Canon PIXMA iP1500 bubble-jet photo printer's waste tank?

I was recently, immediately after installing a freshly-refilled black cartridge (the BCI-24B), trying to finish doing a 21-page print of a long web page. But after only doing 1 complete and legible page, the following pages were very incomplete. So I then opened the printer maintenance window and tried one head cleaning. But before proceeding to the test page, the "waste tank almost full" message came up and told me to hit the "resume" button. And the test page was complete and legible, but it since won't print a single pixel for any other doc! And when I try to finish printing the 21-page web page, the print job's status window won't even open!

This tells me to try to manually clean the heads, carts, and waste tank, but will doing the waste tank reset code make the status window come back (and remain displayed during each print)?