asked Sep 10, 2006 at 8:11pm
Canon Canon CLC 1100

Canon imageclass 1100 error

I have an imageclass 1100. A couple weeks ago I had a nasty paper jam. Once everything was cleared it generated a replace cartridge message. I removed the cartridge and shook it, placed it back in the printer and got the same message. I ordered a new toner, placed it in the printer and was able to print a test page. An hour later I noticed the replace cartridge message again. I took the cartridge out, put it back in, and the message went away. Today the message won't go away. It's a brand new cartridge from Canon so the odds of it being empty just like the previous one is about nil. I'm assuming there is a sensor that might need cleaning but am unable to locate it. Can anyone over any advice?
Fixed it thanks to Moe on this thread:
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