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Epson Epson Stylus Pro Pro

@EJL 1284.4 @EJL


I have an Epson dot maxtrix LQ-300 ESC/P2 printer which has worked wonderfully all these years.

I have recently upgraded to WIN XP pro from 98. The inbuilt driver of win xp doesn't work well and it prints very slow. AFter a search on the net, I came across this LQ-300 plus driver package and it prints very well except that before printing the desired matter, it prints the following on the top left corner in 2 lines as follows:

@EJL 1284.4

Thereafte the rest of the printing is just wonderful.

Any help? Anyone? Thanks.

I have the very same problem!
Any idea about it ?

Dear Neeraj, have you solved your problem ?
What was the bug and how did you solve it ?

Thank you

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Hello, everyone.
Please visit

Read the posted-reply by DADA and Re-to-Dada.
It should solve the problem. I've tried it.

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