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Hp HP LaserJet 5SI

HP 5SI doesn't start up

I have a 5si that I bought surplus recently, I'm assuming it's been through a lot of use.

The thing seems to power up just fine, it spins something inside, and then sits there idling. Nothing appears on the LCD screen (I see that the LCD is a common error, but I don't think that's the problem). I've tried powering it up with the On Line button held down to do a cold reset, but nothing appears on the screen. I've pulled the JetDirect card out and put it back in, and nothing.

I've got the thing plugged into my router, and I know what the device is named, but it's not showing up on the list of devices on the network in the router screen, so I assume that it's not starting up properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Could be a number of items from the control panel itself to the formatter to lack of memory on the formatter, etc. First thing would be to remove the formatter with the power off. Power on the printer and wait about 2 minutes. On the right side near the top and rear is a small square hole in the plastic cover. That is the engine test button location. With paper in tray 2 push a non-metalic small object into the hole to activate the engine test. If the printer prints a page with lines, then the engine is ok and the formatter, display or display cable is the issue.
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I'm trying that now (it's actually pretty hard to find something that'll fit in there that ISN'T metal)

If the thing seems to start up, and it's only the display that's the problem, shouldn't it still be recognized and be able to print?

It printed out a page (From tray 3, I believe, because it was legal size paper), and there's basic lines on it. I guess I just need a new formatter board!


Thanks for the super fast reply, too! I won't even have to talk to HP! :D
by Agamemnon on Sep 2, 2006 at 5:47pm Add comment
If the engine test worked, then it is either the formatter, display cable or display itself which is bad. You may want to remove the back cover and the display and remove and reseat the connector going from the display to the dc controller. If that does not help, then the next step would be the formatter followed by a new display.
by dmzcompute on Sep 2, 2006 at 5:55pm Add comment
I don't mind having to replace the formatter and the display, I like tinkering.

I tried the test with the formatter in, and it worked as well.

But to refer to an earlier point, if the thing just had a bad display, it should appear to a computer on the network just fine, shouldn't it?

by Agamemnon on Sep 2, 2006 at 6:09pm Add comment
If the JetDirect is set up properly.

I'd try connecting directly to a PC and seeing if you can print through the parallel port.
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Not necessarily. With those old MIO cards unless you were attached to a DCHP server and the card decided upon cold reset to set itself to the next available ip address your network would not see it and hence could not print to it. The only way to test that formatter and be 100\% sure would be to attach it with a parallel cable and then send a dos directory print to it to see if it prints. The only other way is to download the jet direct firmware upgrade software and have it search your network and see if it finds the nic card. I really doubt it.
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A note on download manager, (the JetDirect firmware update utility), I had one occasion with a 5Si where the utility could only find the card when I specified it's TCP/IP address, after the firmware had been updated the utility had no trouble detecting the card using automatic discovery. So if the firmware on that MIO card is downlevel the update utility may not be able to find it.

Another option, and I can't remember the exact button sequence, would be to assume the printer is working and go through the button pushing required to print a test page, if everything but the display is working then you should get a page and be able to see how the JetDirect is configured.

Do you have another printer that you could install the card in so you could configure it? (LaserJet 4, 4 plus, 4V, 5)
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I was thinking of what button sequence would print a test page, but I lost hope that the printer was functioning on its own when I couldn't see it on the network.

I don't have any other similar printers I can try the card in, no.

I'm having a little bit of trouble pulling the back cover off, the service manual doesn't really describe how it comes off in the end. I have all 8 screws it says to remove, along with the two near the power plug. This is to double check the connection of the LCD panel.

I checked the front LCD connection, I might restart the thing and see if that did anything.

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From the users guide:

Pressing [Menus] gives you access to control panel menu options.
Menus appear in the following order:
· Tray Menu
· Job Control Menu
· Test Menu
· PCL Menu
· Configuration Menu
· Print Quality Menu
· Input/Output (IO) Menu
· PostScript Menu (on 5Si MX or 5Si/5Si NX with optional PostScript
· HP MIO 1 Menu (on 5Si MX/5Si NX or 5Si with optional MIO
board installed)
· HP MIO 2 Menu (if a second MIO card is installed)
Each of these menus is described in a separate table later in this chapter.
Selecting a Menu Item
1 Press [Menus] repeatedly until the menu you want appears.
2 Press [Items] repeatedly until the item you want appears.
3 Press [+] repeatedly until the setting you want appears.
4 Press [Select *] to select and save your setting. An asterisk (*) appears
next to your choice, indicating that it is now the default.
5 Press [Menus] or [On Line] to exit.

So if you push menu 3 times you should be at the test menu, then if you push item once you should be at the PCL Test Page, then pushing select should start a test print.
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To get the back cover off is pretty easy. Remove the two screws which secure the plastic piece which has the engine test opening. Remove the screws I think 5 on the back cover and lift up the toner door and remove the one screw on top. Use a flat blade screwsriver or your fingers to separate the plastic pieced from the piu by pulling outward from the tray opening in the middle. Once that piece is loose you can lift up and out from the bottom and the cover will come off. The easy test as both Stephen and I have suggested is the parallel connection to the printer from a pc.
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Dammit, when it starts up, the three lights are on, Data, Attention, and On Line, dammit, dammit, dammit!

I thought I mentioned that, it's been like that from the beginning. I'm sorry if I misled you when I said it seems to start up fine (I meant the generic powering up of things).

Dammit, sorry.

So the blind menu trick didn't work, because all three lights are still on.


Any suggestions? Formatting board?

by Agamemnon on Sep 2, 2006 at 7:06pm Add comment
Sounds like the formatter. Lets do one more thing. Remove both the MIO card (I know you did it before, but do it again) and also all the memory or personality chips in the simm sockets on the formatter. Reinsert the formatter and see if the 3 lights still come on solid and stay on.
by dmzcompute on Sep 2, 2006 at 7:22pm Add comment
There are 4 banks that are all empty, this might be a problem, huh?

I'm guessing this thing has to have SOME sort of memory to work?

Unless there's something that I'm missing on the board, there's no memory there.

I removed the JD card, and reinserted the formatter. Still nothing. Would the thing work with no RAM in?

by Agamemnon on Sep 2, 2006 at 7:32pm Add comment
It comes with 4 meg ram which is on the board and not on a simm chip. So that is not the issue. Best guess right now is the formatter is toast.
by dmzcompute on Sep 2, 2006 at 7:58pm Add comment
Just ordered a new one from eBay, thanks for all of the help, guys!

by Agamemnon on Sep 2, 2006 at 8:09pm Add comment
Well, I bought a new formatter board, and threw the thing in, and it still starts up with nothing on the LCD screen, and all three status lights on solid.

Barring the possibility that this formatter board is also toast, any suggestions?

by Agamemnon on Sep 18, 2006 at 8:41pm Add comment
I would lean towards the display itself since the 3 lights are part of that unit and if it is shorted out the display will not work nor will the buttons. Since you indicated above that the engine test works, it means the dc controller and the lvps are fine so the only things left are the display and the cable going from the display to the dc controller.
by dmzcompute on Sep 19, 2006 at 5:24am Add comment
as a reminder the jet direct uses bootp for getting its ip's. i dont know what firmware it has to be but that may be why its not showing up.
by nicko6113 on Nov 15, 2006 at 3:19pm Add comment
Low voltage power supply?
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So allow me to ask a question. I have a 5si/mx here that doesn't have PCL configuration. I need to change the form length from 60 to 66 lines, but the option is not available. I can't find a firmware upgrade I'm told exists, that will give me this functionality. Any ideas?
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PCL is stardard on this printer so i do not know what you mean it does not have it. Go thru the test menu and see if pcl config is listed and print it out. Also print out the config page and see if pcl is listed.
by dmzcompute on Sep 29, 2008 at 7:42pm Add comment