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found 220V fusing lamp for Laserwriter Select 360


A long time ago, I posted a message here (circa 2002). The diagnosis was that my Apple Laserwriter Select 360 Quartz fusing lamp was dead, but that I could not order the repair kit because my printer is 220V. Bummer.

The good news is : I found another Laserwriter Select 360, also dead, but with a different problem. Its 220V lamp should be OK. I want to disassemble it and fix the first one with the second lamp.

Would you agree to let me download the Video from your repair kit? That would help a lot. Please note that I am a customer: I ordered from you a repair kit for another printer about a year ago. The repair was quite successful. Many thanks in advance. Mailing the CD is another option of course.

To be complete, let me describe the second printer problem: the startup sequence goes fine, except the status light never stops blinking. The printer is not visible from the computer. Please note the blinking light is NOT the paper out light. It's the left light, which is supposed to blink for a short while when powering up.

This precise condition is not described in Apple's documentation. At least two other persons posted on this forum about that exact condition and didn't get a useful answer.

Thanks you very much,

Jean-Denis Muys
Send an email to [email protected] with your request.
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