asked Aug 30, 2006 at 5:08pm
Apple Apple LaserWriter 360

Apple LW Select 360-full cycle w/o printing!!

SETUP: Apple LW Select360 cabled to AsantePrint & Netgear 10/100MPS hub; running Tiger on iBook dual USB.

HISTORY: Took forever to get all these components recognizing each other, but the LW360 has been humming right along under Tiger just great. (Tiger won't handle 10MPS ethernet, so the hub takes care of that. The Asante converts the ethernet signal to Localtalk and sends it to the LW360)

Today, out of nowhere, it just stopped printing. BUT...it goes through the entire print cycle from Print Dialogue box to "sending data" etc. The lights on the LW go from solid (idle) to flashing (printing) to solid (idle). In the LW Que window the Log shows a finished print job. But...there is no actual printing taking place. The printer engine is completely idle. No noise. Nothing. The only indication of activity is the change in the "dash lights" and the evidence in the Print Log in the Que.

It's a great 600dpi printer, and I've busted my fanny getting a serial printer to work with Tiger and ethernet, so...help me out here.
There's a selector switch on the back of the printer. Turn the printer off, push the button until it says "4" in the window. Turn printer back on. It should kick out a config page. If it does, you have some kind of problem between the computer and the printer.
by moe on Aug 30, 2006 at 5:43pm Add comment
Followed your protocol. Printer seemed to take a lot of extra time going through the start-up cycle (I.e. power light flashing and rollers going). After if finally stopped, the "Add Paper" (orange middle) light began flashing. Tried to add a single sheet in the front load paper tray (there's already plenty of paper in the printer tray). No luck. Light's still flashing. Any idea of where to go from here? - unknown
Unfortunately, we can't get the lamps in the kit at a decent price anymore. If you have to pay $50 for a lamp, by the time you mark it up, add on the video, nobody will want to pay that much.
by moe on Sep 1, 2006 at 9:57am Add comment
After printer was powered off for an hour or so, I turned it on. Went thru warm-up and then printed the diagnostic page that I think it was supposed to. After printing, the green power light was on and not blinking. It seems that this problem is intermittant. Do I need to change the selector switch on the back to "3" again before I try printing, or can I leave it at "4" and print AFTER the diagnostic sheet is printed? Also, is there any info on this sheet that would provide us with insight, or is it just a sophisticated "test" sheet? - unknown
You need to change the selector back. If the problem is intermittant, then it most likely isn't a burned out lamp. They don't come back from the dead. It would probably be a failing power supply that supplies power to the lamp.
by moe on Sep 2, 2006 at 10:10am Add comment
Got to the office today and turned the printer on. It went through the warm up, green light flashing, then started to print the diagnostic page (selector still at "4") the print engine started and then stopped. Now the "paper out" (orange) light is flashing. Power supply? If so, how much and how hard to swap? - unknown
Can you advise about replacing this power supply? - unknown
Getting a replacement power supply would be problematical. Only ones available would be working ones pulled from parts printers. Could also be the DC controller. That model isn't very tech friendly.
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