asked Aug 28, 2006 at 3:22pm
Epson Epson Stylus Photo 900

epson stylus color 900

Just the usual random lines all over, tried everything: cables, new cartridges and even printing the test page from the printer without a pc connection. Just random diagonal lines. Even printed from DOS. any ideas,Think might be a corrupted firmware inside the printer, is this possible or something simple i may be missing? thanx.
It could be paper dust collected on the head of this machine. This will give small lines diagonally off the printed character. So you might want to clean the heads.

The heads that shoot the ink are on the bottom of the carrier on this machine.

1. Open the cover like your going to change a cartridge. The machine is on at this moment. When the machine moves to the cartridge changing position unplug it from the wall. Do not turn it off as this will lock the carrier in the purge position and you want to be able to move the carrier by hand.

2. Ok move the carrier all the way to the right. Put the lever for envelopes in the envelop position. This lifts the head slightly allowing more room for the next step.

3. Fold a half paper towel so that it is about 11" long and will fit in the tray area which the paper passes over in normal use. Wet it with windex or water. Insert one end into the hole just to the left of the carrier. Now by hand pull the carrier to the left over the top of paper towel. Now holding both ends of the paper towel move it slightly back and forth under the carrier. What your doing is cleaning ink and paper dust off the heads. Repeat untill most of the gunk is gone. The paper towel should be almost clean with just a few color streaks of ink on it.

4. When finished. Use a dry paper towl to pick up any water left in the tray. Make sure no paper is left in the machine from washing the heads. Allow the machine to dry out before you plug it back in. Move the envelope lever back to the normal position.

5. When all is done plug it back in and try a self test on the machine. Make sure all the covers are closed.

Hope this helps.
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