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Hp HP LaserJet 5SI

13.14 error on HP 5SI laserjet

Hello and Good Day, everyone

Not new to your site but very new to making a post.

I just completed reading most of the results from previous posts regarding a 13.14 printer jam errors on a 5Si laser printers and very entising direction in troubleshooting the errors. Even though a majority of answers to posts were very enlightning I felt it was necessary to post my own scenario so let me apologize first for anything stated below is redundant.

I am getting the following error... 13.14 printer jam, clear all pages. In order to troubleshoot, the following components have already been replaced: Fuser, toner cartridge and the transfer roller. 2- pieces of paper constantly jamming directly under the toner cartridge in between the transfer roller and what seems to be the PIU. Two trays only...default tray 3, which is usually kept empty and tray-2, which is where the paper is being pulled from. Once the paper is pulled from tray-2 it will not make it pass the point of the transfer roller.

Could this be the PIU? The PIU is what actually pulls the paper from the trays, correct?

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Clarify what you mean by 2 pieces of paper. Are the pages together or separate? I don't know why you aren't using Tray 3, but what happens when you use that tray? What happens when you use Tray 1?
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Sure, thank you...

1- piece is always jamming in the location of where the transfer roller is located...the second is under the lever labeled #2 which seems to be the path of where the paper is pulling from- tray 2

Tray-3 has never been used... there has always been a note on the printer stating "DO NOT PRINT LEGAL" so paper has always pulled from tray-2.

Will try and have the printer pull from tray-1 to see if that tells me anything.

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UPDATE: From the SERVICE MODE... under paper-path test, printer will not pull from trays 1, 2 and/or 3

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Probably a bad registration assembly. That is the piece which has the handle you lift up to get at the crumpled paper. It is easy to remove. Just remove the black cover over the gears on the right side. (little plastic piece pull back and up). Next disconnect the wire which runs to the registaton assembly. Next remove the four screws which secure it and it lift straight out. Tray 3 issue is probably PIU. Tray 1 and 2 issue is most likely the assembly I mentiond above. You will want to make sure the black piece on the front of the transfer roller with the chrome piece going accross is locked in place so it does not obstruct the paper.
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Thanks, DMZ

Ordered the registration assembly, a DC controller board and a PIU yesterday which arrived this morning. Just to start the installation and troubleshooting process, I proceeded with the registration assemly first (thank was very easy to install), however I am still getting a sheet of paper jammed in between the registration assembly and the transfer roller.

The paper seems to move normally through and out of the PIU, goes through the registration assembly and then at the transfer roller it jams- when pulling the paper out it has the "accordian effect". I am in the process of checking out to see if the transfer roller is locked into place.

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The transfer roller is definitely locked into place and even with the new registration assembly installed the paper jam is still happening at the transfer roller

Will probably start next with the installation of the othe components ordered, however do not think that the PIU is the problem now- paper is picked up and moves normally through the PIU.

Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a million brothers and sisters
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Only other item would be the feed plate which is the plate behind the transfer roller and also contains the parts which holds the transfer roller. Bad feed plate is known for causing z folds, but I have never encountered one which stops the paper at the registation assembly. When you removed the registration assembly did you check out the sensor below to make sure it was clean of debris. I am still leaning towards something with the transfer roller. Make sure the black piece attached to the transfer roller is not missing any of the bushing on each side. Just a small piece of white plastic, but can casue issues.
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I wonder if the transfer roller is in correctly. Gear on the wrong side maybe?

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Can't sleep. One other thing to try is to remove the toner cartrdige and mark the drum gear with a felt pen. Now reinsert the toner and close the cover and warm-up should occur which will include turning of the toner drum. When it has stopped remove the toner again and check the position of the mark. If it has moved, then one of things mentioned above is the issue. If it has not moved, then you have a issue with the main gear assembly or the toner cartridge itself.
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Thanks guys...

I will be on-site in about 30... will certainly check these other areas.

In regards to the transfer roller and its gear... the gear only attaches to one end- pretty sure its installed correctly.

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Thanks, DMZ and Printerman

Took a vac and cleaned out the excess toner and debree from around the transfer roller. There was a generic yeild toner cartridge in the printer which was replaced with HP High Yeild Toner. Located the sensor, DMZ, and cleaned some of the excess toner from around the sensor. Printer is working like a champ now... thanks
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pca need to be replace . A cheap fix but u have to tear down the machine

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