asked Aug 18, 2006 at 9:02pm
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HP LaserJet 4MV or 5000

For 11x17/A3 printing, which would be better to get on the used market, LaserJet 4MV or 5000/5000N/5000GN?

The 4MV is 16 ppm, 600 dpi, duty cycle 50k/month, maintenance interval 200k. The 5000 is 16 ppm, 1200 dpi, 65k/month, maintenance interval ???. Both are discontinued and the HP web site does not specify any replacement model for either.

I assume the 5000 is newer due to its higher dpi and duty cycle. Does that make it the better one to get, or does it have any reliability/quality issues that might make the older 4MV a better choice?

Thanks for any opinions/recommendations.
I would go for the 5000 and above, only becasue it is a later model and the fuser is the instant on type so there is no waiting for the fuser to get warm. Maintenance interval was 150K but they usually go longer. The replacment model is the new laerjet 5200. There was also a laserjet 5100 which was very similar to the 5000 and replaced it.
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We have an HP Laserjet 5000n series printer that's giving us a "50.2 Fuser Error". How do we know if we just need the fuser or the the fuser kit...? There's a big difference in price... How much would this cost us through your company along with instructions on how to change it? Thanks for your help!
by ws0717 on Jul 17, 2014 at 9:28am Add comment
Fixyourprinter.com no longer has kits available for sale. Moe correct me if I am wrong. Suggest you contact metrofuser.com as they sell the fuser by itself or a complete maintenance kit. Maintenance kit includes the fuser, transfer roller and all pickup rollers and separation pads. Kit is recommended if any other items besides the fuser show a fair amount of wear. As to installation you can download the service manual from many sites, just do a google search.
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After replacing the fuser you still are receiving the 50.2 error then you will need to replace the LVPS. I have had several HP 8100 series (the later model of the 5000) that gave that error and they were the LVPS.

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You misread the post. The 8100 replaced the 8000 not the 5000 and the error for that model was 50.1 not 50.2.
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