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Lexmark Lexmark Optra R

Lexmark Optra R+ doesn't see paper -SERVICE MANUAL

First, let me say what a wonderful site this is with great information.

I saw several persons looking for a service manual for the Optra R. I don't know if there is still a need but here is a link that works you just have to download a .rar reader someplace.\%20R.html

My wife brought home the Optra R from work. They replaced it because their newest software didn't always work with the old Win 95 Optra. It has sat for a year but she remembers that it was working when parked. It prints fine through the manual feed but does not see paper in either print tray. The display sees Tray 1 and when I add the 500 page tray to the bottom the display will then see both Tray 1 and Tray 2 but when I try to print a test page from either tray I get a no paper error. The unit has 161,000 copies on it, most from Tray 2 so the 'D' rubber on tray 2 looks nasty, pretty shrunken and distorted. The 'D' rollar on Tray 1 looks as new to my untrained eye. From reading all the similar posts it looks like the 'D' rollar should be the culprit but I wonder if there isn't a sensor someplace that was disloged when the unit was transported?
Is there a way to rough up the rubber rollar or maybe take it off and reverse it to confirm that it is the culprit before I put any money into what could really be a boat anchor?

Thanks for any suggestions you can make.
Optras don't have paper level sensors. It saves a couple of bucks in mfg. costs. The way they know there is no paper in the tray is they try and feed paper. If the printer doesn't see paper at registration, then it assumes that there is no paper in the tray and gives the no paper message. Usual cause is the pickup roller is worn like you indicate.
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Thanks Moe, I have been studying the rollar and tray area and I can get it to print from Tray 1 if I set the printer to see letter size paper in tray 1 but then move the blue lengh guide in the tray out to the A4 positon. This seems to line up and push some little white buttons on the right side of the tray in just the right manner. If I leave the guide set at 'letter' the printer will say 'no paper' but if I set it to A4 it will print the test page okay. I guess I can just make a spacer to keep the paper from slopping around in the tray but there must be another way? Maybe those white buttons need cleaning if there is a way to access them easily. The blue guide is not broken and looks normal. I am getting closer. Thanks for your feedback,JIM
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What message is displayed when you try to print with the tray set to 'letter'? I suspect it will be an instruction to load A4, which suggests the document's paper size is set to A4. Try printing menu pages from the printer's control panel (this is actually a configuration page) with the tray set as 'A4', and then as 'letter' to see if the printer recognises the change. You may need to use the manual feed for this.

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Thanks, Anon,

If I leave the blue paper length guide set to A4 length paper and then tell tray 1 it has letter size paper it will print letter fine. If I reconfig the software to tell it that tray 1 contains A4 paper it prints my letter fine but then says error "short paper". If I set the printer to "autosense" the paper size it always finds legal only so there must be something wrong with one of those sensor buttons? At least I now know the paper pickup roller is working fine.
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(AKA Anonymous earlier in this thread).
The D Rollers tend to become useless, as they disintergrate. Replacement 'tyres' (that's how we spell it in Australia) or 'tires' are available, and are fairly easy to fit with the roller in situ. You shouldn't remove D Rollers to replace the tyres, as they are not designed to be reinstalled. New D Rollers are probably also available. If the printer won't pick up Letter size paper when the guide is set to 'Letter', but will when the guide is set to 'A4', it may simply be that the roller is worn, and that minor adjustment positions the paper such that the roller can grip the paper.

If your problem exists with Tray 1, it sounds like the autosense switches are faulty. The reverse 'L' shaped paper length guide in that tray is rigid, and normally not a problem. A protrusion on the leg of the 'L' activates the appropriate internal switch to tell the printer what size you are using. However Tray 2 can have a different issue when, as in your case, it is a high capacity tray. The 'L' shaped guide in that tray often has the leg of the 'L' missing which means it falsely reports the paper size for that tray, regardless of the position of the length guide. It sounds like you know how to turn auto-sense off, so that should overcome any problems with the sensing hardware, as you simply describe the paper size through the printer's control panel menus (which you seem to already know about).

Beyond mechanical issues, it still sounds like a mismatch between paper size in the printer, and the paper size in which the document was created. What software are you using to print? If it is Microsoft Word, do you have the paper size in both the printer properties, and the document set for the actual paper size you are using?
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Hello Alan, thanks for the input,

I am still working with the "print test page" so I don't have the computer even trying to send a page to the printer. I do use MS Word and it seems to print fine as long as I set the blue L to A4 and push the paper all the way forward. The tyres do look okay but looks can be deceiving and there are a lot of copies on this so I will keep an eye on that. For home use I don't need the large tray so, now that I know how to trick this one into seeing paper, I will just plod along. I do have two other questions that you may be able to help with. 1) At power up the printer is still looking for a network so I get an error that I must clear each time. There are too many choices under Network setup that I am confused which one to turn off (or on?). 2) When I try to print a photo or .jpg I get a code 38 memory full. The unit only has 2mb but i doubt if my old $49.00 inkjet had any more than that and it would print photos,albeit very slowly, as if it was using my computer memory to store the photo. Is there a setting on this Optra that will allow it to spool to my PC? Is the memory common and easy to upgrade? Thanks for you great suggestions. This looks like a lot more printer than I have ever had at home so I can't wait to start using it regularly.
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