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Hp HP LaserJet 1200

HP LaserJet 1200 Early Feeding Causes Paper Jam


My HP LaserJet 1200 is behaving strangely. Once the first page has been printed, the next sheet of paper in the feed tray is fed into the printer immediately after the first sheet, causing the two sheets of paper to be jammed in the printer. This happens for both A4 and US Letter Paper sizes, so it's independent of paper type.

I have zapped the NVRAM, changed the paper type using PJL to A4 but no luck. The paper feed roller and the paper separation roller have been replaced too, but that did not solve the problem.

The printer used to do this intermittently (one in 5 pages, usually the third or fourth sheet), now it does this for every page that i print, including the self-test page generated by the printer. I have tried the PCL6 as well as PostScript drivers in Windows XP, but no joy.

Previously, the jams were just paper jams and the printouts were nice and clean, but now, there are black marks streaked all over the print-outs, similar to the effect caused by a dirty roller somewhere in the printer.

Anybody out there have a similar printer behaving like this or know what needs to be replaced/repaired? There is nothing similar in archives, and others that i know who use this printer do not have similar problems.

Thanks in advance!

I will try to help you from memory as it has been a long time. Your issue is not software, but hardware. On the right side of the printer is a selenoid which is activated when a print command is received by the printer and releases the pickup roller to pickup the paper. If paper is picked up the voltage to the selenoid is turned off and a spring tensioned arm on the selenoid returns to a cutout on the gear assembly to stop the pickup roller from turning. Your arm is not returning, most likely because it is sticking to the center of the selenoid. HP had a habit of using a velcro like material to dampen the noise of the arm hitting the center. Over time the material would disintigrate and all that was left was the glue which held the material. You need to get to the selenoid, clean off all the excess glue and put a small piece of electrical tape over it and it should work ok. You could also order the selenoid from hp as it is available as a seperate part. It is also possible the arm has come off the selenoid, however, if that was the case, when you first turn on the printer it will draw paper thru and jam.
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Hi dmzcompute,

Thanks for the information!

I got to the solenoid, cleaned off the gunk with sandpaper, and used electrical tape on where the glue used to be, and it works like a champ now! :-)

Just a tip for others trying this too. Leave the clutch gear alone, because I thought it had to do with the gear, tried to take it out, turned out that I separated them, and took me an hour to figure out how to re-assemble the part before realising that the spring should be inside the two gears...

Thanks again for the help!
- guano
Dmzcompute, - Zeljkoan
Thank you so much for the information. At first I did not put the electrical tape and it did not work. I don't know how the tape make it works. Thanks again. - salammanis
Even though this post was from 2006, I still have this printer and was having the exact same issue as described by guano. I followed the fix instructions as described by dmzcompute and found the exact glue residue problem as he described. I cleaned the glue off and put on the electrical tape. Problem fixed. Works great. What did we ever do before the Internet? Thank you dmzcompute if you're still around.

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Your Welcome.
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Seriously, dmzcompute, you are awesome! And this is just what the internet does so well: a specific fix for an esoteric problem, thus keeping a 15 year old machine alive another day. Thank you!

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Thanks for the fantastic advice!!!

HP1200 is an prehistoric printer, and it was doing good job for me for 14-15 years.

I thought that problem with feeding mean it came to an end of its life, but your advice helped this old machine stay alive!

Thanks again!

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It sure is an old printer, but has been very stable for the last 15 years. I followed this video for removing the left cover, unscrewing the backcover and then removing the right cover.

After removing the covers and looking at the right side, the description from dmzcompute is easy to understand and follow :-)

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The video was removed during post, but can be found on youtube (add dots and remove spaces): www youtube com / watch ? v = 40-Cl2gh5VM

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Thank you--Perfect and quick fix-- it took me longer to access the solinoid - but once i got the side off the printer it was very easy

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Thanks a lot - You saved my printer's life! How many must have been thrown away with this problem..

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Great info!! Fixed the problem!!!

HP 1200 keeps on trucking!

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Well - i rarely comment on any website - but your solution worked like MAGIC - went to service and they asked for 250 E£ for fixing it and was going to receive it in a WEEK - did it for free in 15 min :D - talking from 2019 to legend post from 2006
also if you need help for how to open the right side cover - here this link :

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I’m a real non-tech type. Tried to find the video, but got message that it is no longer available. Anyone have a diagram showing the location of the solenoid?

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I cleaned the solenoid, both the L arm and the little strip toward the bottom of the solenoid, and covered both with electrical tape. It still jams. Could this also be a pick-up roller problem? Sometimes multiple pages are pulled through at once, sometimes they are fed through when the first page is halfway out.

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Lakehouse Guy, remove the left side of the printer first by opening the tab. Remove the back panel using a screwdriver. Then use the screwdriver on the bottom of the right panel to unlock the clip holding it in place. The solenoid is under the fan, and mine has a blue glossy part in the middle.

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Thank you ! Now my printer can last another 15 years ! The tape made it work after cleaning all the build up off.

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Genius! This issue was seriously doing my head in and I was ready to scrap the printer until I found this post. A screwdriver and sliver of sellotape and the problem is solved. MANY THANKS!!!

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I had the same symptoms mentioned above (basically multiple "clicks" when picking up paper (same as when no paper in input tray), instead of the usual single click).

In my case, the issue was not the glue (which I did clean up without solving the issue), but the residual magnetism in the solenoid. What was happening was that the solenoid was energised to allow picking up paper, and then it tried to do that another four or five times.

To fix this, I put some electrical tape between the solenoid (the round bit) and the arm with the spring.

Enough space meant that the residual magnetism was no longer enough to keep the arm away from the gear assembly, so that the spring could almost immediately return the arm to the gear assembly.

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