asked Jun 28, 2006 at 5:29am
Hp HP LaserJet 5SI

HP LJ 5Si Tray1 Problems

A customers HP LaserJet 5Si NX printer was having a lot of trouble picking up paper from tray 1. They would have to push on the paper before it would grab sheet. The other pickup and feed rollers on 3 other trays were worn also so I purchased a roller kit and replaced them all. Trays 2-4 seem to be fine but tray 1 still is having trouble grabbing paper. Sometimes it will and sometimes it will not. I reseated the seperation pad and pickup roller and still the same. As I watch it work the lift mechanism that raises stack of paper to roller does not seem to raise high enough. The strange thing is when it does start feeding paper, on a multiple page job, it seems to feed the next page too soon. The first page is still being feed through when it grabs the next page and eventually it will pull several pages in at same time and get a '41.3 Improper Page Size' error message. Any help would be great.

Sounds like you need to replace the tray 1 assembly. They are not that expensive from depot-america.com or partsnow.com. Less then 80.00 if I remember correctly on advance exchange.
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I have heard that from other people. Does the assembly include the solenoid, paper lift mechanism, and pickup roller/seperation pad? The advance exchange you wrote about, is that a new or refurbished assembly usually? I have not had much luck with refurb. equipment.


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For a 5SI it will be a refurbished and includes all that you mention. The only thing you have to do besides installation is to move the actual fold down tray from the old one to the new. Both of the companies I mentioned are very reputable and all of their parts come with warranties. They have been doing these for a number of years.
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