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Apple Apple LaserWriter 360

LaserWriter Select 360 on Win XP

I have a LaserWriter Select and I am trying to get it to work with my Win XP machine. I use the Windows XP drivers for the Apple LaserWriter Select 360, as well as HP and Adobe drivers. None of which have worked, I keep on getting 'underflow' errors. I was reading the Apple Discussion board and they said to try and switch the ports to EPP or ECP in the bios, but I had no luck with that either. On the back of the printer there is a 'Rotary Switch Connection', on the back of the printer and I am NOT SURE what it should be set at. I have tried all postions will all the drivers but nothing happened. I know the printer works because I can use it to print off of my Macintosh Computers correctly (this printer allows you to have Mac
s and PC's connected at the same time in the different ports).

I drastically need to get this printer online ASAP, so ANY help is GREATLY appreciated.


Did you ever get your 360 to work with xp?
If so how?
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