Alan Mathews

asked Jun 6, 2006 at 7:45pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4100

HP LJ 4100 "40 EIO" error

My client's printer intermittently displays a '40 EIO, Bad Transmission' error. Jet Direct card and Formatter have been replaced. The client insists his network connection is okay. Any thoughts?
Alan you should have posted this with the 40 EIO error and the make and model printer in the subject line. Click on the edit button and change the subject so Moe does not delete the post. I assume this is a HP printer with a display. I have seen this and here is what I had to do to solve the issue. I do not know if you have the same situation, but mine was related to the switch on the network and the MAC address. What I did was run a config sheet so I had the network settings for the IP address and Gateway. Next I performed a cold reset of the printer and after it initialized and came to ready, I waited about 2 minutes for it to find its own ip address with DHCP. I then connected the printer to a local machine via tcp/ip using xp just to see if it printed ok without the 40 EIO error. If that worked, then I went into the printer menu and changed the ip address to the original ip address and tested and it worked ok. The place I had to do this had replaced the jet direct card and set it up using hp network software and they kept on getting the 40 error. Once I did the cold reset and setup the card using the menu on the printer the 40 errors disappeared. I hope this works for you. The printer I did this on was an HP 8000N
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Thanks DMZ. I had a summary of the error in the subject box, but got sidetracked so somehow managed to send it without that information. Duly corrected.
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