asked Jun 2, 2006 at 5:13am
Hp HP DeskJet 1220C

HP 1220C - black cartridge troubles

After many years of reliable service my 1220C has started having major problems printing in black.

Cartridge ran out so put in a replacement (genuine HP 45) - ink light flashes and when you open the cover it moves to the 'unhappy black' position. Tried cleaned the contacts on the cartridge and in the printer, tried powering down the printer and leaving it off for a few minutes, tried other cartridges (eventhough all these 'faulty' ones work OK in our Officejet K80).

On the fourth cartridge it was finally happy but after printing a dozen or so pages the black went streaky, giving horizontal drop outs the full width of the printout for most of the page. Cleaning cycle and 'prime' doesn't fix it.

So more hassle changing the cartridge (3 attempts this time) and after another few pages we're back to the white lines again.

Is it due to bad contacts, faulty cleaning cycle or something else?