asked Mar 6, 2002 at 9:16am
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laserwriter select 360 dirty pages

Yesterday, seemingly out of the blue, my printer began producing dirty pages, with random-pattern (cloud-like) toner marks running from top to bottom, and it also is overprinting from the top line of the page very lightly around the middle of the page. The cloud pattern marks are "burned on" or "printed" marks, not just loose toner. At first the backs of the pages were dirty also. The problem appears more strongly on the left-hand side, and diminishes towards the right.

My toner cartridge (reconditioned) is somewhat new and I had a few problems with loose toner (not burned on) when I first used it, but it has been fine for a month now.

I have tried running blank pages until the marks almost disappear. Then when I immediately run blank pages again, the smudges or marks start again. The outside of my toner cartridge is clean, the inside of my printer is clean. I've tried different papers, even transparancies, to no effect.

The problem seems to get worse as the day progresses--i.e., the longer the printer stays on.

Not long ago I tried printing some half-pages and tried them on half page card stock as well and had all kinds of problems, including the mother of all printer jams in the paper tray. I fixed the jam and regular-size paper feeds through fine. Soon after that, the smudged printing began.

I looked in the manual for this printer and read about something called the "cleaning page," a file that comes on the Select 360 installation disk (which I don't have since I bought the printer second hand). I have been unable to find this file or any reference to it on the Apple site or anywhere else. I don't know if it will have any effect on this problem anyway. I'm at my wit's end. What's happening, and how can I fix it?

The drum wiper blade in the toner cartridge failed. You'll need to replace the cartridge. A good remanufacturer will exchange it no charge. Of course there aren't very many good remanufacturers out there.
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