asked May 23, 2006 at 8:30pm
Canon Canon LBP 4

canon i850 problems

I can not get my i850 to print at all. I have tried all the fixes that I could find on your posts and no luck! Please help if you can. After I press the power button it acts normal and green light ends up on but after a few moments it starts to flash 4 yellow, one green, 4 yellow, one green ect. all inks are full and no paper jam.I have reset the waste ink as well.
Could be several things. Does the paper go through the printer? When you send something to the printer does your green light show that the printer is recieving data?

If the printer is receiving the data and the paper does not go through the printer the sensor for the paper might be the problem.

If the printer does not recieve the data you either have a connection problem or a driver problem. Pull down the driver from Canon and reinstall it.

Can you send commands to the printer such as cleaning and alignment?

If you cannot get those signals to the printer your computer is not sensing the printer. If you have XP operating system just right click on the printer and delete it. Disconnect it from the computer, and the reconnect it to the computer and it will reinstall on the computer if it is hooked up to the computer properly. I don't remember how to reinstall on the older operating systems nor Apple as I have had XP pro since the first week it came out.

If you mean by not printing at all that the paper goes through the printer and comes out with nothing - then you could have a plugged printer head. How to clean the head and how to get it out is posted already.

Remember to print you need: communication of data, (the computer has to be sending it to the printer, the printer has to receive that data (flashing green light), and you have to be able to properly apply the ink to the paper (properly functioning head and driver), and the paper has to go through the printer (sensor).

Good luck.
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For the last few weeks the quality of the written material is bad and the black print comes out brown and sometimes green and kind of fuzzy. For pictures is even worst, fine line all over the picture, everything looks striped. Can I do something to fix this or is time for a new printer? Mine s only 2 1/2 years old. I tried head alignment and deep cleaning several times and no luck. Thanks.
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