asked May 18, 2006 at 9:59am
Hp HP DeskJet 600

Jetdirect 600 series SNMP Set cmty name password

Trying to find the info on the net, but so far I'm having no luck

I've got this LJ4000 that I'm trying to upgrade the jetdirect firmware on and it won't let me because there's a password set on it.

I've tried resetting the printer to factory defaults, which was suggested in the manual I got from HP, but that did not clear the password.

Does anyone know how to either clear the set community password or to completely reset a jetdirect 600 series to defaults?

What kind of JetDirect? EIO card? If it is an HP EIO card and a HP printer then a cold reset of the printer should take the EIO back to defaults.

If it is an HP external print server pull the power, hold down the test page button, plug in the power with the button depressed and keep the button depressed for about 20 seconds. That will reset you external HP printserver to defaults.

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Thanks for the hint.

It's an internal 600 series EIO-card jetdirect, BTW. I had a look in the service manual and it describes how to do a cold reset by holding the Go button while powering on the printer.

Password got wiped, and now I can get on with my life ;)
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I have a jetdirect 615n that has both an admin password and SNMP set community name "specified" and doing a cold reset of the printer will not clear it.

The jetdirect config page also says, under Status: INCOMPLETE F/W - MUST DOWNLOAD

Of course I can't upgrade the firmware without clearing the password.

Given this condition, and that it seemingly cannot be cleared, is this a sign that the card is shot?

This card is in a used LJ4200 that we just picked up. I also slotted the card into an old LJ4000 and did a cold reset, with the same lack of results.
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