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Canon Canon Pixma MP750

Canon pixma mp750 error #357

My Canon MP750 lcd keeps on flashing with error #357. Can anyone help. Thanks
Thanks to "A technician" and "mickebbs"! My printer is a Pixma 850, but their instructions were fine for solving a ##357 error. In my case, there was a fragment of scrunched paper at the purge plates that needed gently removing upwards, with a long-nosed pliers; and then the plastic films also needed cleaning, just as the technician and mickebbs describe.
For other clutzes like me, here are some more pedantically described steps: (1) with the printer On and the top Up, of course, slide the tray of inks manually to extreme left. (2)Using a small sharp maglite torch, look at the extreme right where the ink tray was, and you'll see two horizontal black rectangular pieces of foam, only a few mm broad by about 15mm deep. (You can shine your maglite through hole in the printer somewhere to the right of your sweaty forehead.) In my case one of the foams had partly dislodged upwards, and I guessed to push it downwards into place with my finger.(3) Immediately behind the rear of the foams, in the vertical plane, you'll see (probably covered in black ink) a flexible piece of plastic, only about 4mm high by 12mm broad. Behind it, at its left end, is a tiny flexible piece of plastic about 4mm high by 3mm broad, also in the vertical plane(and also probably covered in black ink). At its right end is a third small vertical flexible piece of plastic, about 4mm high by 10 mm broad. (These sizes are impressionistic! They are to warn you that the whole domain is tiny, and needs deft fingers.) (4) I used a few earbuds to clean all three plastic films of black ink, front and rear, until they were sort-of clear. I rotated the earbuds as I slid them back and forth.
(5) As technician and mickebbs note, if you've been successful, the printheads move by themselves, after exploratory groaning and clicking by the machine. (6) I may have turned the machine off and on after the cleaning, to help its considerations. G'luck!
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##357: This is an error in the position of the paper feed unit.
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Hi Techone,
Thanks for your response.

Any idea how to fix it? The symptoms, besides displaying error #357, are:
- print head does not move when I open or close the front panels(needed when replacing ink cartridges)
- Message "Check printer. Press OK"
- Alarm indicator flashes

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Pixma 750 Error##357, identical symptoms diepnguyen. Fixed once by Conon on warranty, has reoccured 2 months later. Canon no help . Any fix?
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The most common cause of this error, is the purge unit being blocked somehow (small piece of paper, dried up ink, etc.), however, it IS indicated as a paper feed position error, and as such CAN be related to internal mechanical timing on the sheet feeder unit, or positioning of the purge unit in accordance to the positioning of the sheet feeder unit.

My first bet would be to take a flash light, open the top cover, and move the printhead to the far left, checking the purge unit for any visible obstructions or clogging ink.
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Had the same problems (#357) about half a year ago, send it to Canon under warranty, they fixed the problem within a week without costs, superbe service.
But..... last 2 months the error fault comes back once in a while, luckily this time restarting the printer solves it. But I am waitying for the day that it needs a fix again.....
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I had the same problem on mp780. Opened the cover on top sheet feeder (on the top left)then closed it again. That seemed to take care of the problem. I think maybe a paper got shoved up in there but didn't actually feed and just stuck something. Real technical ?? :)
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Just over a year ago I purchased the above mentioned printer, thinking bigger is better, but to my dismay I also got a ##357 error. Having been a loyal Canon supportter I took the printer in, six weeks later Canon NZ came back to me and said the printer heads, purge unit and some other things were damaged and it would cost me almost the price I paid for the printer new, to fix???? Needless to say I refused, they then told me the cause was I used refilled cartridges??? This statement is not correct and if that is how Canon treats people, I'm afraid I will no longer go for Canon as this is my second Canon in three years. From now on I will buy the cheapest printer that will do the job.

If there is anyone out there that can help with info to fix the printer I will appreciate it an then I'll flick it off!!!
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Sorry to kill your rant DCU, we sell Canon printers almost exclusively and literally the ONLY time we ever have problems with their printers is when people use refill or clone ink tanks.

Quite a few people complain and say that "they never had any trouble before" when we try to tell them how crappy refills or clone cartridges are, but it is strange how the only time a Canon printer comes in with a problem (that isn't software related) it is loaded with these damn refills. We try to explain that we don't care where they buy their cartridges as long as they buy genuine(although obviously happier if they come back to us).

Would you buy water and pour it in your car's petrol tank if some clown sold it for 1/2 the price of the real thing and labeled it "compatible" then expect the dealer to repair it because their product is "faulty"?

Between the all the Canon printers we use at my work and ones I have sold to friends and family, not a single one has failed - EVER...not even a printhead but then again, they pay a couple of dollars more for real cartridges. We have had numerous people using refills or clones to save a few $$ who need a replacement printhead after six months and less that 200 pages! I know that a number of the problems people have appear to be mechanical or unrelated to the print heads/ink however, surely the odds are that as least one printer would appear with the same problem(s) while only using genuine cartridges... I'm still waiting for that printer to appear.

On the other side of the coin, if you never did use refill cartridges then it would have been a genuine fault and I would have been jumping on properly until they did something. - Meathorse
Refilled cartridges can cause problems. I buy new aftermarket & they work great. Less than a quarter the cost of OEM. The 357 error happened to me & was fixed buy a little cleaning. Check my other posts for the procedure. It works great & still saves a lot of money. Don't kick these Canon printer out, with non-oem ink they are the cheapest to operate. Also, I'm not a Canon employee, just a user. Have had great luck with the S900 but it won't print CD's. Use it for everything else. Hope this helps... - canonmpuser
##357 - it's my problem too.
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also fixes ##356

it is possible to fix if you have 3 to 4 hours to kill, you have to dissasemble the printer completley and split the main unit inside into two(sheet feed and cassette feeder) they are connected by 4 screws, correct the timing(marks in red) on the gears auto sheet feeder and cassette feeder on both units and and rotate the cam shaft assembly to the start position

takes time but the fix works. main cause of this error i have found is switching from cd printing back to normal i have 2 mp750 units both with the same fault
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Same problem after CD printing a couple of times now. I have solved by opening cover and manually sliding printer cartridges to left, then gently wiping the two clear plastic pieces on the purge section (on the right hand side where the cartridges were sitting) with a dry cloth to remove excess ink before exercising this part forward and back a couple of times gently. Then closing the cover and pressing OK. The ink cartridges will start moving again if this has worked.
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God Damn!!!! - your right!! - your methode worked!! - thank you dude! - even though it took me some time to find the 2 very small clear flaps, it was worth the try! - Anonymous
I had the same problem. Tried your advice & still didn't work, then read a little more carefully & you said exercise the waste tank try. Tried but was stuck, once I got it loose looked around back with a mirror & found dried ink had stuck it. Thanks for the fix. - canonmpuser
it works !!!! Hurra, thank you very much. I`v wiped two clear small plastic pieces from ink and voila, error has gone ! - unknown

Many thanks for your advice. Of the various solutions offered yours seemed the most likely to fix the problem - and it did!
- jgmbris
Canon Pixma MP 750, 780##357 SOLUTION:
after pulling back paper jam in the back vertical paper tray i had the same error. the plate under the paper flipped up to touch the friction wheel. just pull down the plate (base of the paper stack), press ok, and everything is ok again !

beim zurückziehen von gestautem papier in vertikalen papierfach kann der gefederte Boden an die Einzugswalze (weisses Reibrad) vorklappen. einfach den boden wieder zurückdrücken, Ok drücken, und alles ist nach dem üblichen reset wieder ok !
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My read alarm signal will not go off and the error on the screen is "paper jam" and THERE IS NO PAPER JAMMED anywhere. Help me. What can I do?

Jackie and David
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My printer says I still have ink in the cartridges but when I print nothing happens. I think the ink might by drying up since I don't print often. How can I get the ink flowing again or do I have to buy a new cartridge??

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I have had the same issue and found that cleaning the print head on and around the nozzles to remove dry ink has helped. For this I used a cotton tip and some methylated spirits. Thank you everyone.
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Brilliant! I cleaned a load of gunge off the little plastic strips, noticed that one of the sponges had popped up so pushed it down and all works well. (No meths in the house but neat Vodka did the trick)

This is the second time it has happenned. The first time Canon stripped the machine down to fix whatever it was, but interestingly both times it failed I was using refilled ink tanks, so maybe Meathorse is right?

Has anyone had this fault who has never used refill tanks?
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Yes it works just clean the plastic strips and push the two sponges down it still comes up with errors it does'nt matter what ink you use.
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Hello everyone,

Also in Holland we have problems with het Canon printer.
After cleaning everything my printer came alive again.
The error ##357 was gone, and I was cellebrating my victory.
Till I printed something. The black ink (the biggest) don't work at all. Even after cleaning it more than 10 times. Nothing!!!
Could it be the printerhead?? It is a new one, Origional not once printed with..

Any suggestions???

Eric. - Ericvanesch
Hi there,
I have the same problem. The black 3E cartridge doesn't print at all. The only error message I have had is 'Print Head Align Failed'. I can't align manually as I have no black lines to look at. Any ideas anyone?
Susie Q
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The message "waste ink near full". The handbook doesn't help at all. Where is the waste ink container and how do I empty it or clean it?
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I have had the error come up again and I cleaned the two clear plastic strips to no avail.

Here's what I did to finally fix it :

Lift cover, slide cartridges to far left. You can see the 3 plastic strips. I found that a small torch is very useful in checking all of this.

These strips sit on a white plastic piece which is on a slider. It slides front-back of the printer.

In front of the strips, you should see what I refere to as "cleaning pads". Basically, these are sponges that absorb the ink from the cartridges for what I would assume to be cleaning purposes.

These "cleaning pads" look as though they lift up and down as required to take away excess ink from the print head.

The problem I found was the cleaning pads were up and blocking the white plastic piece from sliding back to it's original position. I think that the first time I cleaned the strips, it must have helped dislodge the white plastic piece.

Hope this helps. Thanks to everyone who has contributed.

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To Toano5 and others,

Thank You! Thank You!

I was just quoted $500 for a new logic board and $700 for a sheet feed assembly to fix error ##357 By Inland Technology, the Canon Dealer at 264 Peisley Street, Orange, 2800 NSW, Australia.

I did not wait for the labour quote.

My MP780 is only 18 months old and only used for domestic use but having paid approximately $700 for the unit I was not going to pay $1200 plus labour for the repair. So having checked with a freind he referred me to this website.

Following Toan5's and others advice, I pushed down the sponge pad, cleaned the vertical plastic tabs, Hey presto, no error message, machine works great.

I was referred to the Canon dealer in Orange by Canon Australia who also told me it was a position error of the paper feeder.

Beware Canon and their dealers.

Just a short note on refilling ink tanks, in my previous business , we purchased over a period of 8 years approximately 30 Canon bubble Jet printers 4000's 6000's and they were fantastic we flogged them in ways they were never designed for and we could produce classy reports that we could not achieve with a Laser.

Throughout all that time we refilled our ink tanks. This is the only time I have had a problem such as this and we had 2 MP780's in the mix in the business.

So do not believe the furphy about refilling your own tanks, if you use good ink you will have no problem.

Manufacturers replacement ink tanks are probably the greatest con in any market place in any place in the world today.

Once again Thanks

Go Well; Stay Well
Stay True Blue


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Thanks guys! I have an MP780 with the ##357 error. So I cleaned the 2 plastic strips and pulled down the sponges and the error code disappeared.
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Thanks for the tip. It works perfect. Please notice that the plastic strips may be in the front position and need to be pushed against the rear of the machine.
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I've just applied all the good advice on this thread, thanks everyone!

After cleaning the plastic strips the problem was still there, but while poking the felt pads with a pencil to make sure the felt wasn't loose, the whole pad assembly suddenly snapped down, and then it was OK. This printer had been tipped up while being moved from another office so the pads may have been stuck up during the shift.
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I'm in the same position as Susie Qed with my MP750. When I print a nozzle check, nothing prints at all from the 3Bk cartridge. Cartridge was recently replaced and is nearly full. When I try a head alignment, get error "Head Align Failed". Running the cleaning and deep cleaning routines doesn't help. Any ideas?
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Doug I managed to fix it by cleaning the ink cartridge holder. Remove all the inks then lift up the grey bar at the top of the ink holder. Then you should be able to lift out the black ink holder. Mine had a bit of fluff or paper stuck to one edge which I cleaned off with a cotton bud. Other people have advised you clean it all with alcohol(not brandy I presume) and be careful of the metal connection pads. I ran mine under the tap, It has done it twice and is still working a year later. Good luck.
Susie Qed - Anonymous
Thanks for your clear explanation MarO in S Africa! It really worked!
First read his clear description, then read my notes below.
There are no rectangular pieces of foam in my printer (MP780)as you described for the 750, but there is this same part (Purge-plate) located on the right, inside the printer, and attached to a white piece of plastic. It is easy to find by first locating the white plastic arm which is connected to the purge plate, which has a long spring going back into the depths of the printer. The purge-plate is a square piece of grey plastic with some tiny transparrent flaps sticking up from it. Mine were completely covered in black ink.
I used up about 30 q-tips to clean the part.
After, it still did not work - but IMPORTANT was to move the purge-plate forwards and backwards (gently), once it was clean.
It still did not work, but then I switched the printer off and on, and started by photocopying something.
After that it printed.
That saved about 100-200 EUR to get it fixed.
Thanks MarkO!
Hope this helps other people too.
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I opened the complete printer (MP750) and cleaned everything including the "tanks" (do you know, where all the ink from the cleaning processes goes?? ==> There is a kind of tank, filled with some fluffy material, full of old inc inside the printer, which you only can access if you completely dis-assemble the printer, designed for limited lifetime I guess :-( ).
This seemed to work, at least no error anymore.

But than had the same error again. So I missed to clean the purge lips as described above, seems to work now. Maybe I wouldn't have needed to dis-assemble the complete unit, but anyhow.
Thanks for your tips. saved a re-investment.
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Back again (sadly enough) after 2 and a half year
Got the #357 again on my MP750. Tried resetting, and al kinds of other options but none worked. Till I used some tips to clean the rubber strips (behind "left over" ink container) and yes it worked again. Clumbsy as I was I pushed the "left-over" containers out of it's bay... push really carefully but had to do it even more gentle.
Own the printer now for about 4 year, it's still a great one. Ain't thinkin about buying a new one. OEM Ink for just € 2,00 per color, giving great quality.
Might have been an expensive buy, but using it is dirt cheap.
Let's hope it'll live for atleast another 4 years
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Thanks MarO in S Africa! It worked!
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I have had this problem occur twice with our MP780. The problem also came with the rear paper feeder clunking and chewing up paper. The first time it happened I took it to an authorised repairer. They said it was because I was using cheap ink. I asked what the difference was between Canon ink & cheap ink. They said it was because the Canon ink had a cleaner in it to help stop clogging and keep things clean. They cleaned it up and $100.00 later I was on my way. Whether the claim regarding the difference in ink is true or not, I thank them for being honest about the problem being just dried up ink.

I continued to use Canon cartridges without a problem until our business required a lot of printing. After going through one 3eBK tank in one week, I thought it wouldn't hurt to use the generic tanks just for a little while but, low and behold, here I am up to my elbows in printer ink again.

Upon searching the internet I came across this forum and found the post by MarkO in South Africa. Even though his printer is a different model, the steps still worked for me. Not having a diagram of the area, I couldn't for the life of me find any clear strips but his description helped me locate them. They were coated in dried ink. After hours of awkwardly cleaning the strips, the area around the strips and the printer head, I was finally able to get the printer head to move. After further cleaning, I was able to get the printer to stop chewing the paper. I did find, though, that once the printer head started moving again, I couldn't manually slide it back and forth. I had to let the printer move the head to the left side and unplug the power to keep it there. This also caused the foam pads to lower so I could move the white plastic unit forward and backward, cleaning around it. Not the ideal situation but you do what you have to do. I didn't have to take the machine apart.

My conclusion is that the money I save on using generic ink isn't worth the time and effort required to clean up after the mess it creates and the inconvenience caused to our business. The only time I have ever had a problem was after using it. Meathorse is correct. I love our MP780. Apart from this problem, the machine has been faultless.
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Hi all / Bonjour à tous

I've encountered the same problem (##357 or 6A00).
I put below my comments both in english and french.
HTH ('hope that'll help)

To make disappear the error message ##357 (6A00), I had to clean and shake the purge unit, then I reinitialized the printer. Caution : wear gloves or prepare yoursef for a long hand washing. And pull out your white shirt... ;-)

The purge unit is hard to find. Follow the instructions from this forum thread. A precision is needed to find the purge unit on a Canon MP780. The purge unit is a small square caddie hidden in the front right of the printer. The purge unit is attached to a long white piece of plastic, itself attached to a long spring device. To make appear the purge unit, you have to push back the white piece of plastic (in direction or the rear of the printer). After cleaning, you must replace the purge unit by pulling it back into the front of the printer.
Good luck and a big big thanks to the contributors of this forum.

----- en francais / in french ---------
J'ai rencontré ce pb ##357 avec ma pixma mp 780. Il s'appelle également 6A00.
La solution m'est venue du forum suivant : http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/forums/inkjet/38406 mais qui est en anglais. Donc ci dessous mes instruction en francais.

Pour faire disparaitre ce message ##357 (6A00), j'ai du nettoyer et secouer le réservoir de purge puis réinitialiser l'imprimante. Attention, prévoir des gants ou un bon lavage de mains après ;-) Et éviter la chemise blanche...
Ce réservoir est difficile à trouver. Il faut ouvrir le capot, décaler la tête d'impression completement à gauche. Le réservoir de purge se trouve sur la droite mais on ne le voit pas lorsqu'on ouvre le capot. C'est un petit casier/tiroir en plastique relié à un pièce en plastique blanche, longue et plate, elle même reliée à un ressort. Il faut tirer vers l'arrière la pièce en plastique blanche et longue, en forcant un peu. Après un déclic, le casier se débloque. Je l'ai un peu épongé avec des cotons tiges et des lingettes nettoyantes pour ordinateur (je sais, pas terrible...). Ensuite, il faut bien penser à reclipser ce petit tiroir coulissant en le rappuyant vers l'avant de l'imprimante. Enfin, eteindre l'imprimante (on/off), réinitialiser l'imprimante en débranchant le cable d'alimentation puis appui long sur on/off (environ 1 minute) puis rebrancher et rallumer (on/off). Je sais pas si le réinit est indispensable mais je l'ai fait.
A+ et bon courage aux victimes du fatidique ##357
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i reckon this is a piece of junk! spent the last 2 hrs tring to clean those little pieces of plastic and no good! finally the little spring that is attached has fallen off.. time for a new printer and another brand!
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my pixma mp 750 does not want to print the color blue instead it prints pink I allready checked the ink cartredges and the color blue is full. Help!!!
by cecilia on Jul 29, 2009 at 12:18am Add comment
I am trying to fix this same problem, however I can't even move the ink tanks. The print head seems to be stuck in place. Any ideas????
by unknown on Dec 23, 2009 at 12:56pm Add comment
Thank you - my mum had her printer sitting for months gathering dust and we were blaming my son for fiddling with the buttons and breaking the printer, but four cotton buds and a bit of vodka later the printer was happily whirrring away again. Thank you MarkO and all of you!
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I didn't believe this would work but YES IT DOES!
I have not cleaned properly but just spent two minutes with a 3 or 4 cotton buds on the strips and shut the printer. turned on. lots of groaning and moaning and then wahay - printer OK!

I guess I'll have to clean a little more to be sure but it works for now!
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Yes Thanks to above my printer now works. I found dirty area as mentionedby others and cleaned with cotton buds dipped in Metho. I did also find leaking Cyan ink cartridge. It is funny how this problem also occurred when attempting to print CD's. All good now
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