asked Apr 26, 2006 at 4:07am
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

LaserWriter II G Blank Problem

Re: Apple Laserwriter IINT upgraded to IIG

ENGINE TEST generates a page of lines. The orange, red & green lights are working normally; the fuser roller heats up and thermostat is a clicking on and off.

Apple Printer Utility can read info and alter settings. MSWord treats the printer as normal. BUT

1.Select Print Startup Page and it puts out two, not one, A4 sheets and they are blank.

2. If you print the Configuration Page it sends out blank pages but without apparent limit (up to 6 - then stopped). This also happens for printing 1 page from Word.

It is connected by Local Talk to an 8500 running 9.2.2 and has been problem free. I have pulled the bottom IIg Board (8mb) and reinserted it without solution. Any suggestions?


Since you are getting an engine test, the only thing you aren't testing is the "G" board. You don't still have the "NT" board you can plug in and try, do you?
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