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Canon Canon LBP 4

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My Canon i560 blinks orange 4 times then one greeen for a few
seconds then again 4 orange blinks. The carriage (Head holder)
stay in the same position, never moving. A new Head is replacing, the problem remain. Also i get a service error 5C00. Where is the problem?. There is a part Nr. on the old Head, may be help someone, 3A3K11A055. Will be appreciated to have any technical information to solve this problem. Thanks
I had that same error (4 yellow blinking lights, 5C00 print error message) on my i960. Here's how I fixed it:

opened printer.
moved carriage to center and pulled ink cartridges (might not be really necesary).
the i960 has two (what appear to be) inkpads, one on the left and one on the right. I could see the one on the left, the one on the right was covered by a little white piece of plastic (that has 3 pieces of 'cellophane' on it that run parallel to the carriage guide bar). This is located right next to the gear mechanism.
This one on the right was the problem, i simply pushed it to the back of the printer (maybe it moved 3/4"), power cycled the printer, voila!

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