asked Mar 28, 2006 at 8:02pm
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Epson 670: Need to increase maximum printable area

I found out that my Epson Stylus 670 color printer has a maximum printable area of 8.3" x 44.0". I have what appears to be the latest driver installed from the Epson web site (5.2as), but when I try to specify a paper size of 8.3" x 59", it reverts back to 44.0".

I found these specifications on the Epson 670 on a random web page and am wondering if it's true, or if there is any other way to achieve a 59" width printable area. Is it possible to edit the driver file to allow this?

# Maximum Printable Area : 8.3" x 44" (8.3" x 128" using Windows 2000 or XP with certain applications)

Also, I'm using a program called CompuPic in Windows XP