asked Mar 23, 2006 at 4:16pm
Apple Apple LaserWriter 360

Laserwriter 360,Paper Jam light on 2min.Then ok.

Hi,Can anyone help me??I have a Apple Laserwriter 360 that has been great for years..I just starting running out of toner,so I bought a new toner,Took the top off of the printer,and just blew out a lot of dust from over time,put the top back on,and put in the new toner..Now when I turn the printer on,all lights go on,then green out,then paper out light goes out,Then paper jam light stays on for about 2 min. or so,Then all lights flash,Green blinks,then green on.And all is ok,as long as I leave on,Green stays on.And printer Prints Perfect???????Can anyone please help me? What did I do? All I did was blow out some dust,and replace the toner..Was All ok before this,never did this.Is it possible to fix this?Please Help;Really bummed about this,this is my main printer,my daughter uses for college and so on...Please Anyone,Help if at all possible.Thankyou in Advance.
This is just a guess, but you might have blown some dust into one of the optical sensors that is actuated by paper movement. They are small U shaped black plastic things. One of the posts is an LED, the other a photo sensor. The paper moves a black plastic flag in and out of the sensor telling the printer where it is and if it has jammed. Take the top off again and blow directly into anything that looks like what I described. Next time, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
by moe on Mar 23, 2006 at 4:52pm Add comment
Thankyou Moe,Took Cover off again and Looked for those black plastic things and used a air duster on those area's and it worked,Also the push button in the rear was on 9 so I put it on 0.Don't know if that did any thing?#4 prints a config.on startup. What number should it be at? Is 0 ok? Just want to make sure it's set right.Seem's to be working ok,using it on a Windows xp machine.Man Now I Know IF IT AIN'T BROKE,DON'T FIX IT.Thanks a Million for your help.You made my day. - lordgalla