asked Nov 13, 2000 at 11:39am
Apple Apple LaserWriter 12/640+

Apple printer

Hi. I've been looking around your site for 15 minutes now and I found no clue of what to do. How do I fix my printer? I have an Apple
LaserWriter 12/640 PS and it prints very light. Replacing the ink cartridge twice did not make a difference, it still prints light on the right side of the paper. Can your company help me solve this problem..


We don't support every printer with our kits and troubleshooting pages. That would make for a very big site. Actually, the 12/640 uses a fuji/xerox engine. They weren't designed to facillitate do it yourself repair. I would say you probably have dirty optics in the laser scanner unit. I'm not even going to try to instruct you in case removal to get at it. They're so flimsily constructed, you'll probably end up breaking something.
by moe on Nov 13, 2000 at 6:30pm Add comment