asked Mar 8, 2006 at 1:51pm
Hp HP LaserJet 5SI

HP 5SI that prints out an extra page

I have a 5SI that prints out extra pages. The extra page does not always prints. For ex. when I print out a 3 page document I get one page of doc. and then one or two pages that are blank then I would get page two of doc. and one or two pages of blank pages and then I would get the last doc. page and sometimes I will get a blank page. Now the printer is networked, I am not sure if that would have anything to do with it. Please help this is killing me. Is it possable that the formatter board is bad or going?
I have seen this with the PIU. Best way to check to is load letter paper on the manual feeder and do the same job to the manual feeder and see if you still get blank pages. If you do not then try using tray 3 instead of tray 2 or tray 2 instead of tray 3 and see if the same thing happens. As I said I have seen this with tray 2 of the PIU and unfortunately the cleaning of the selenoid will not work on this PIU since there is only one selenoid and electronics which tell the printer what tray to activate, at least the last time I checked I was not able to find a selenoid which controlled each tray by itself. If you still get blank pages then yes it could be software causing the issue. My assumptions are based on the printer feeding only 1 sheet of paper at a time and not the situation where it grabs multiple sheets instead of 1 sheet.
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you might want to check the fingers on the end of the paper trays(pull tray completely out and you should see 4). See if they are all there. Also not sure if i understand, does the paper come out seperately(one sheet after another) or are the pages coming out together(which would indicate piu or possibly just the rollers)
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I just got a new formater board for it and for the past week =it seems to be running fine. I would have posted sooner but I tryed almost every part on the printer. Nothing I changed worked. Thats when I was going to try a formater board or sell the printer with that problem.

I am not selling it now, since everything is working fine. Let me know if that worked for you.
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