asked Mar 7, 2006 at 2:17pm
Epson Epson Stylus Photo 2000P

Epson 2000P prints very light on Mac OS X

The printer works great on System 9,
but after loading the Epson driver for 10.3
and trying to print thru OSX,the prints are ghost like.
I rechecked the driver, even downloaded and installed
an update, but still the same.
Any one else have this problem or know what might be wrong?

thanks, M
Since you wrote this question 3 monlths, ago I'm hoping that you've resolved the problem by now. But if you haven't, I think this might help. I had the same washed out printing problem.
The answer is the driver. Since I'm using 10.3.9, I was looking for a driver update from Epson for OS 10.3. There isn't one. After consulting directly with Epson, I found out that the only driver for the 2000P is "Printer Driver v1.0." That's the only driver they ever made for this printer (until they came out with an Intel driver just recently). Can be found on the Epson "Drivers & Downloads" page for this printer or on this link:


The page is misleading, in that you'll find a "P.I.M. II Pug-in v2.2" for 10.3.6. Looks like it's the driver for 10.3, but it's not. It's useless for your problem. Get the "Printer Driver v1.0" (7th down on the list on the download page). It says it's for 10.1. But it works for every non Intel Mac, no matter what version of the OS you are using, even using 10.4. Install it and it should bring your printer back to life. It did for me.

One last note. This driver/printer combination is very prone to problems. Doing anything out of the orinary and the driver refuses to work. The answer is to reinstall the driver again. For instance, I use to have the bad habit, when watching a large page being printed, and I didn't like the color of the photo, I would immediately shut down the printer, thinking I would save ink.
I should have simply cancelled the print job, waited the extra minute the printer took to get the message, and then started over. But I didn't, with the end result, that the next print job would be washed out (ghosted). It took me awhile to figure out that the driver stopped working. So I reinstalled the driver, and everything was back to normal.

Hope this helped.

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