asked Mar 3, 2006 at 8:43am
Hp HP LaserJet 5SI

Error 13.2 paper jam LJ 5si, pass path, no jam.

hp lj 5si error 13.2 paperjam, no jam present. Passes paper path test on tray 1, 2 and 3. Prints fine from manuel feed tray 1, but errors on tray 2 and 3 and make noise near pick up rollers. This has me stumped because it passes paper path test with no problem. When I get the error it seems as if paper has not even moved.
You have to be a bit more clear. The paper path test is the same as when a job is sent by the computer except data is fed, but the engine movement of the paper is the same so what you are telling us can not be fully correct. Prehaps it works sometimes with the paper path test and other times does not. Also what size paper are you using for the job and are you using the same size paper for the test. Another thing to try is to run a configuration page from the test menu with letter paper in tray 2 only and see if that works. If it does run the same test with letter paper in tray 3 only. Report back results. As you explained it above it can not happen this way since the engine movement of the paper which you seem to have an issue with is the same for the test and regular job. The other thing you can do is remove tray 2 and watch the pickup movement for the paper path test and then watch the movement for the pc print job. Very easy to observe on this printer since tray 2 does not have to be in the printer for it to work.
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You can also watch tray 2 through the little access door above it.
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