asked Feb 24, 2006 at 7:35am
Hp HP Color Copier 150

Need suggestion for replacement printer(s)

We have been using thigs HP LaserJet 4600n for a few years. It costs us $150 bucks every time it wants a new cartridge. Now it says we need a new Image Transfer Kit ($420). Someone in one of the forums metioned trying to clean it with a micro-fibre cloth and video head cleaner... I may try the same.

Either way, we want to replace this thing.

Each of the 4 cartridges : $150
We change the the black cartridge at least once a month, and the colors approx. every 2 months.

Can somebody recommend a good quality B/W laser that can handle our type of printing?

Then maybe we can clean this hp and use it for our color?

Please help, the chiefs see this is a priority 1 emergency!!!
I am not sure how much you print, but the HPLJ 4300 is fast, and seems to be fairly reliable. You could also look into an HPLJ 4000 that you could pick up used for a good price. THey are an excellent printer.
by bisawest on Feb 24, 2006 at 7:38am Add comment
I guess our main concerns for the b/w printer would be (probably in the correct order):

1. It can handle our volume (the 4600n was awful. It locked up if two people hit print at the same time)

2. The cost to maintain it is adequate. 4600n is ridiculously expensive.

3. Quality

A friend of mine recommended xerox, and just lease it.
by artimus on Feb 24, 2006 at 7:51am Add comment
First of all if it is saying to replace the transfer kit cleaning it will not do any good. It is at the end of its rated life, based on page count.
Second it sounds like you print alot so getting a monochrome printer is a smart move and use the color laserjet for what it was designed for....color printing. Bisa is spot on with 4300 series.
Finally, have your IT person look at the network part of the connection to the printer. I do not know how many you have printing to it, but I doubt it is more than the printer can handle. It shouldn't "lock up". If the network is fine then have a competent printer repair person in to look at the inner workings of the printer.

We service alot of businesses that have 15 to 20 users printing to the 4600 series, with no issues, they like the speed and quality.
When you compare to Xerox, if you are looking at laser color be sure to check pricing of the toner AND the imaging drum.


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