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Horn sound from Epson 740

I've had an Epson 740 for about six years now, but actually only used it for about two months before it started making racheting noises and stopped printing. I put it away for the last few years, hoping that someday I'd be able to get it fixed. I only found out about this website a couple of weeks ago, which is too bad, because I'd imagine that most of the Epson 740's out there are probably in scrapheaps by now.

Anyway, I did find the advice about replacing the battery, which I did, and it did resolve most of the racheting noises, but now when I power on, the carriage glides across the carriage bar to the left, but when it reaches the left side, the printer emits a long horn honk, sometimes a couple of them, then when the carriage rests back at the right side again, the power and paper out lights are flashing, and the two ink out lights are steadily on. I'm assuming that the ink lights are out because the printer cartridges have been sitting idle for six years, but I wondered whether anyone has any advice about the other problem. It's been so long ago that I have no idea if I ever had any paper jams or anything significant. I don't believe there was any trauma to the printer. It just quit one day.

Thanks for any help you can offer.
clean and re-oil the silver carriage bar that the carriage assembly moves along. after sitting around for so long it has probably dried out and is causing your problem
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I agree! The "horn" sound is the motor trying to move the carriage. Use only a thin lube like 3-in-1 or something.
Dazz UK
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Thank you both for your suggestions. I did clean the carriage bar with an alcohol swab a couple of times, and then lubricated it with 3 in 1 oil and distributed it with tissue paper (the kind you use to stuff in gift boxes). The carriage was not impressed with my efforts. What's the next step?

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Ah! Yes, this is sometimes caused by the paper pick up roller jamming on the little plastic seperation flap. It's a small peice of white plastic (sometimes with a bit of blue) which sits under the right hand pick up roller. (looking from the front) You should be able to release this without taking the covers off. Good luck.
Dazz UK
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