asked Nov 11, 2000 at 4:11pm
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50 service on hp iid

Any suggestions on what still might be causing the 50 service error on my hp IId. I have several HPII's and another IId. I have switched out the fusers...they all work in the other machines. I have switched out powersupplies that work in another machine. I have looked at the DC controller board (or at least I think it was) and the pins and diagrahm one site said to spread out some don't even have wires going to to these pins on this IID and it does not look like they are missing...just not designed for them. I have tried shutting if off for 15 minutes and then during the power up, it will go to self test, warming up and then 50 service. If I cut it off and then right back on it goes from self test to 50 service.
The dc controller on the IID is totally different from the II. I don't know what other site you were looking at. I do know one that has the connectors labeled wrong on their picture of the dc controller. I'm not sure if you switched the right power supplies. You want the ac power module that the fuser plugs into. Did you try defeating the door interlock and seeing if the fuser lights up at all. If you get a 50 error, you have to power the printer down for a full 8 minutes or longer. There is a capacitor on the dc controller that has to discharge fully for the error to go away. There are some ac power modules that take the fuser with them when they blow. Then you have to change 2 parts. The way to tell is to pull up on the cleaning wand. If it's stuck, change both parts. If you put another fuser in with a bad power supply, it'll blow that fuser too. The only safe way to do it is to defeat the interlock and watch the fuser and make sure the light goes out after about 30 seconds. If it stays on longer, it'll melt the fuser down. One piece of advice, stay on this site and don't listen to anybody else. You wouldn't believe the incompetency that exists out there.
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