asked Nov 11, 2000 at 3:24pm
Unknown Printer

Removing Laserjet4 top

I had labels peel off and stick to the rollers right
at the exit tray. I don't know how to remove the
top cover to get at them. Can you help me?
Open the top cover. On the right side you'll see a latch on the front and in the rear there is a latch cut into the plastic. Press both latches and the right panel will come off. Open the rear door and you'll see 2 screws, remove them. There is one screw in front under the door. Last, you'll have to stick a small screwdriver in the 2 slots in the front edge and pry towards you. This will release the final 2 latches and the lid comes off. There is a connector going to the display panel you have to be aware of.
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