asked Sep 2, 2000 at 12:16pm
Apple Apple LaserWriter 360

Apple Select 360

I have an Apple Select 360. It now sometimes picks up more than one sheet at a time, especially if I'm printing on the back of used paper. Also, the toner can be rubbed off the sheet when multiple sheets were picked up or when I'm printing card stock -- any situation where there's more bulk than a single, normal sheet of paper. The local repair place says I probably need a new fuser, but they want $400 to fix it! It's a great printer, would like to keep using it. Oh, one more problem -- the manual feeder will no longer pick up envelopes from a stack, I have to insert them one by one.


Multiple sheet pickup is caused by a worn cork separation pad. The fuser problem doesn't make sense. Thickness of stock shouldn't have any effect on toner fusing since it still comes in contact with the heat roller. I can buy one of those printers for less than half what they want to charge for the repair. Got to love those crooked repair shops, that's one of the reasons we exist. I always thought that was a single sheet manual feed on that printer. If it were me, I'd get a new printer. I was never too enamored of the fuji/xerox printer line. Give me a canon engine any day. You can get a nice used HP 4M or an Apple Pro 600 for around $400. Totally better printer in every respect.
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I've heard of other Select 360 users with similar problems that would suggest a weak fuser. My own 360 will print properly on standard, 20-lb copier-grade paper stock. But if I print on anything thicker, including 24-lb copier stock (such as Astrobrights), the printout looks nice and sharp, but the toner will smear and flake off if you rub it. I get better adhesion if I warm the paper by running it through the printer once (printing a blank page) then flipping it over and printing for real (this is with fresh paper, so I don't think the paper is unusually damp).

Curiously, I may be imagining things but it seems that I'm getting slightly better toner adhesion ever since I changed toner cartridges a couple of weeks ago.

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