asked Feb 6, 2006 at 1:41pm
Hp HP LaserJet 4M

Help for my HP LJ 4M

First of all I want to greet you for this realy helpful forum.

From the subject of my topic becomes clearly that my printer is HP LaserJet 4M. The problem is that it become mine since wednesday when I found it in the attic. I clean it and then thurn it on. Then I see the buttons and start the selftest. It print one page with some information ot it, but that was enough to know that it is working. At friday I bought cable like this one:

When I came home and connect the printer, there was no reaction from the PC. It is notebook HP Pavilion zt1175 The OS is WinXP Pro SP1 full updates. I was wondering why it is not working. Then I tried to "add printer" but I get the "Could Not Perform Operation" error. Then I remembered that I have disabled the printer spooler process. Then I add the printer. I get drivers from Then I reboot the PC and on the display of the printer get the "18 ERROR" message. Then it was "40 ERROR" mesage and then "00 READY". When I try to print something there's no reaction from the printer.

Please I realy need help. I have never mess with printers so I havent got any epirience.

Sevdiev, M.
Greets form Bulgaria.

P.S. Sorry for my bad English.
Delete all drivers,unplug printer, download driver from: , Install driver, plug printer in. This should then select the driver you have installed. Hope this helps?!
Dazz UK
PS. The cable you have pictured is incorrect as well. You need a Male -to- female parallel connection!
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Thanks, Dazz But I dont know how to delete existing installed drivers. Plus on my notebook there's only one port, wich is female and up on it it's drawed printer. On the back of the printer there are 3 ports, Paralel, Serial and one with circle form.

So I have to get a cable with one side with male (like this I have now) and on the other with paralel to connect to the female on the printer.
Like this:

Did I get it right or?
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The one end of the cable is ok for the notebook if the parallel connection is a female on the notebok. The other end is not correct as you need one with a centronics 36 pin parallel connector to go into the big connector on the back of the printer which is the parallel port. If you have the same type of connection on the printer as the back of the notebook then that connection is a serial connection and will not work. You have to use the parallel connection which is centronics.
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The second cable you pictured was ok. The one end should be connected to "parallel" on the printer & the other can only fit in 1 place on the notebook.
Dazz UK
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