asked Nov 10, 2000 at 4:41pm
Hp HP Color Inkjet 2000C

HP 2000C initiation problem

I have an HP 2000C with an odd problem. First print job of
the day it (usually) whirrs and groans, spits out a blank
sheet and sits, sulking, all lights rapidly flashing.

If I disconnect the power cable, push the print head off to
the left, let the printer sit for a few minutes then
reconnect the power cable, it (usually) prints fine for the
rest of the day.

Also, I can (usually) get it to print by asking the toolbox
to print a test page. Once it's done that, no further
problems (usually).

The (usually) because problem and solution are not
consistent. Occasionally the machine will print beautifully
first off. Other times, one solution doesn't work and I have
to try the other.

When I called HP they gave me the push-the-head solution but
it only worked for a few days, then the problem came back.

Please--does anyone have a clue what's going on here and how
I can fix it?

Peter R. Adler

The last 2000c I had in for service had the same problem, it turns out to be a faulty ink station, the plastic seems to break up. HP know about the problem and now you can buy the whole assembly for about £50.00
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Mike, thank you. One question before I hand more money over to HP (which seems to be a daily ritual). The printer is currently running quite well--a tad noiser maybe--more thunks and groans but it seems fine otherwise. If past performance is anything to go on, it will crap out in a day or two and go back to the problem state. Then, if I push the printhead assembly over with the power cord disconnected, it will be fine again--for a while. Does this fit with the broken ink station scenario?


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