asked Nov 10, 2000 at 2:36pm
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Print Smudge

I have an HPIIP that recently has started to smudge some letters near the right hand margin about 6" from the leading edge for about an inch in a triangular pattern. The smudges appear to be look like there is too much toner placed on the page and then is fused. What could cause this and then, is it worth fixing?

PS. recently received the internal accordian am repair kit and in about 15 minutes had the printer working again. Thanks.

It's probably in the toner cartridge. Remove the cartridge and push back the drum shutter with your thumbs. Then rotate the drum away from you using the gears on both sides. Check and see if there is anything on the drum surface. If there is a label or something like that, clean with alcohol and a cotton pad. Wipe off residue thouroughly.
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I replaced the toner cart first, assuming that the problem could have been either mechanical or with the media. That didn't work.

Last night I noticed that if I used the top paper tray the problem was more severe than if I used the front paper tray (thereby skipping a flip in the paper path). I also noticed some ghosting on the second page of a test print.

The pattern with the problem is a right triangle, on its side about 2" wide and 1" high.

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Try removing the fuser assembly. The 5 big brass screws. You have to pull out on the side of the door to release the fuser. Once you get it out, turn it manually and check the surface of the metal roller.
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Opened up the assembly and found quite a bit of dust. It looks like there are a couple of contact "buds" that touch the roller that had quite a bit of dirt on them. On the metal roller one end was a little frayed. Cleaned off the ragged plastic. Put it all together and things look much better.

Also noticed that on the second test page the "black patch" is much more consistent (solid, pure black). I'm not sure what I did, but you got me there.

Thanks loads!!


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The frayed part bothers me. If it was on the side away from the gear, there is a u shaped plastic bushing on the metal roller. There is a pin on the bottom that keeps it from spinning. The pin tends to break, the bushing spins 90 degrees and the metal roller is pushed into the frame, scoring it. You need to check the bushing and see if the open end is facing upward. If not, you'll have major problems later.
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Funny you should mention the bushing. One did seem to rotate 360 degrees. When I put it back together the open end was facing up.

What's the best way to get the replacement part? I probably need a description for the order as well.

Thanks Again

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