asked Jan 27, 2006 at 10:01am
Hp HP LaserJet IIIP+

HP leserjet iiip printing blank pages

I have a hp lsderjet IIIp PCL5 that will some times print but most of the time it simply kicks out black pages. When it kicks out these black pages it will not stop printing. Its like the communications to the printer is faulty. I have purchased two new tones and all perform the same way. Does anyone have any ideas. I have checked all the treads and did not see any similar issues. I even tried to use the serial connection but apparently there is a special cable required for this type of connection. Then normal serial 25 to 9 does not work. I am running windows xp pro and have tried hp LJ, HP lJ III and HP lJ IIIp drivers with the same results. This machine has no cartriges installed and is set with cold restart values which is what I have had success with a couple of times.
I've seen this problem when the laser was going bad.If you listen to the laser after you send a print job(or start a test print) it should sound like it spins up at a constant rate, the stabilize at a constant speed.If it sounds like the speed is changing after it spins up then this is likely your problem.Good luck.
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