asked Jan 26, 2006 at 9:13am
Hp HP LaserJet 3100

HP LaserJet 3100 -- Noisy Feed Motor?

When printing multiple pages -- that is more than 7 at a time, an increasingly loud noise seems to come from the feed motor area -- kind of like a whine. The first reaction is that something is running dry and needs to be lubricated (something might need a shot of DW-40).
The previous repair kit to correct multiple feeds worked out just fine. Therefore, what might be a fix for this problem -- that is, should I use some DW-40?
Please advise.
Never heard a feed motor do that. It's kind of hard to isolate noises in printers with the covers on. Could be the toner cartridge doing it. There is a drum wiper blade that will resonate and make all kinds of strange sounds. Could be the scanner motor. It makes a sound like a small jet turbine when it spins up. Never heard one do that in that model either. Never use WD-40 in a printer. It causes more problems than it fixes and laser printers don't generally require any lubrication.
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