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Epson Epson Stylus CX3600

error code epson cx3600

hi have got epson cx3600 printing ok until parts need servicing came up then all lights lit up and e apeared now wont do anything tried ssc service utillity and changed waste ink pads help would be much apreciate
Sorry I can't help you but you might be bale to help me ! How do you get to the waste ink pads on a cx3600?
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just for everybody that will run into this issue soon , we solved the "parts need service"-error on our Epson Stylus cx3600 printer (18 mths old) in an alternative way as described so far on the web.

We found on this site and other googled locations ("epson cx3600 parts service")enough hints to "repair" the printer ourselves. If you know how, it takes only 10-15 min:

Another user gave us the idea to have closer look at the back of our printer. On the backside is a little lid with one screw. Open it and you can see a white plastic part and 2 clear plastic tubes connected to it with clips (one going to the top, one to the right side). The other user suggested to puncture the tube twice and let the content flow into a bin. Have a plastic container ready for the waste ink. Open the clip of the the upper tube, move it upwards and disconnect the upper tube from the white plastic holder.

Instead we used a 5ml syringe (injection shot) to suck the ink off the system. After a couple of turns (about 25 ml) we found more air in the syringe and stopped. Fiddle all together again and it will work fine. It took us about 10 min to get the printer back to work. Just a tip: wear rubber gloves while you hold the tube.

Thx to this website, the guys of inkjetprinterhelp.us and the users of forums this was not such a big deal. Actually it took us much longer to find out what was going on.

So for everybody who is running into the error message "parts of your printer are coming to an end and need service" (forgot already the correct message)should first download the app "sscservervise" at inkjetprinterhelp.us to check the protection counter value for the waste ink pads. Ours was 47000 after 18 mths and the max printer value was 36000. As we use low-cost ink and therefore had to clean the printer heads more often, this may be ok.

First I got the error message on the status monitor but ignored it for about 2 weeks as I thought this based on an old recycled cartridge, suddenly the printer stopped printing and the LCDs didn't stopped flashing. Some extra research showed that the waste ink pads were actually the problem.

After I reset with the app "sscservervise" the protection counter (you have to close the main window of the app and rightclick on the icon in the qucik access bar of windows xp) and the printer was again accessible.

After the quick fix with the waste ink, the printer is now duty again for a week and no issues so far. It is looking good. We tried first to replace the waste ink pads as described by other users but found it to complicated to reach them as you have to demontage half of the printer to get them. The cost of rubber gloves (recommended) and a little plastic syringe is nothing in comparison to a service order at an Epson center.

See ya folks and good luck.

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I used the syringe method you described. It worked fine, but afterwards i found that all my ink cartridges were now empty. It seems that I have sucked the ink off the cartridges. (lol - no problem, they were cheap)
My question: which of the two tubes did you suck: The one going up, or the one going right? (i used the one going up and now fear that i didnt empty the waste ink container, only the cartridges...)
Would be glad about any help
Peter - unknown
hi i have the same problem error report printer needs maitinance its only 10months old
could any one please email me if theyknow how to fix it please
i cant find the reciept so cant take it back to shop and cannot afford to get it fixed or replace it

thankyou paul............. - snookerballo
Hi Thanks for the instructions and I will have a go myself...

However, I have downloaded the sscservice application, but I am not sure how to reset the counter. also, My printer cx3600 is not listed.

Any suggestions please.
Many thanks guys!
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I downloaded it also.
the printer ist listed as CX36x0 (see CX4600)

I have the problem that no errors are displayed but the printer prints blank pages.
I will go the recommended steps for cleaning the tube on backside - Anonymous
I now know:
The upper goes direcly to the ink cartridges, the one to the right goes do the wate ink bin.
I know this, because i watched the open tubes while cleaning:
A lot of ink comes out from the upper tube, nothing from the tube going to the left.
So, sucking on the upper tube does nothing good.
Sucking on the right tube didnt do anything, because nearly no ink came out. I guess its firmly in the sponge :-(
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hi can anyone help me please as i have a epson cx3600 and it was working fine untill a message came up saying that Parts inside your printer are at the end of their service life. See your printer documentation. as i dont have them i dont know where else to look so can anyone help me please many thanks
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Hey all, My cx3600 is 3 years old and has been working a dream until suddenly its saying 2 colours are out of ink yet all the cartridges were only replaced 2 weeks ago, (with real epson ones too!) when i shake them you can hear loads of ink inside. Ive tried cleaning the cartridge points and taking them out and putting them back over and over and dont know what to do! Can any one help me? Cheers Debs
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Further to messages below I have just cleaned my cx3600 ink pads.

Getting to them was a bit tricky but nothing too hard. There are three hidden screws under the control panel cover on the left, so you do have to push a screwdriver through this to reach them.

I took out the pads, washed them thoroughly wish soapy water and after drying them overnight put them back.

After downloading the SSC Service utility I reset the protection counter and now th printer is working great!

Takes about 25 mins, saves you plenty of money!!
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Hi I was very happy to see a message that fits my needs, but I am having trouble removing the top of the control panel. I take it that it is just snapped on with some plastic locators. I am afraid that I will break them off, can you confirm that this is correct or did yours break. Thanks. - Anonymous
The control panel cover is a sticker that you can peel off. Don't worry, it will stick back on when you are done. Under it there are three screws that hold the control panel cover on.
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Thanks MMurray

Did that, now have to wait until pads have dried out before I can reasemble. Will let you know the result. Thanks again great help.
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Hi Rebuilt printer after cleaning the pads to find that I still had a problem but after trying various combinations of the SSC service utility I managed to get the ink level in the cartridges recognized and lo and behold its working fine. Thanks to MMurray and all who contributed. From a happy bunny.
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When scanning, 2 black lines (approximately 1.25 cm wide) are printed from top to bottom of the page. One line near the centre the other at one side. This problem doesn't arise when printing from a word processor. Any idea what might be the cause?
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help help help hi can anyone help me please as i have a epson cx3600 and it was working fine untill a message came up saying that Parts inside your printer are at the end of their service life. See your printer documentation. as i dont have them i dont know where else to look so can anyone help me please many thanks
i have down loaded the SSC service utility but i keep getting a message saying error maintence reguest can anyone help me please
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i have an epsom cx3600 i have always changed the ink with compatable ink this time i have encontered a problem the red and blue they are not being recognised and there for the printer will not work i have tried two sets of new ink the same problem occours. now i cant get the printer to work at all??? Rich.t
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Tried also the 'serinque'methode and have downloaded ssc service utility and guess -it worked super- after a little searching with
the ssc program I have managed to reset the x-mas lights from the
It works like new. Epson service asked 80Euro p/hour service and
thougt it will cost about 2 hours labour!!!
Thank you all for the support.

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