asked Jan 23, 2006 at 8:40am
Hp HP LaserJet 5SI

HP5si Default Tray settings

We have a user printing a Word document using the PostScript driver for a HP5si and it defaults to print on TRAY 2 each and every time. TRAY 2 currently has letterhead paper, while TRAY 3 has plain. I thought it might be a setting in Word but it's set as AUTO-SELECT. This is also an issue on any other machine when printing to the same printer. The isn't an issue only in MS Word, but in other applications as well. The PCL driver settings seem to work fine.

The driver name is PSCRIPT5.DLL and the version is 5.02. The printer is on the network. I tried adding it to a PC as a local printer and get the same results. We also have another HP5si in the building and it has the EXACT same settings as this printer. Tray menu settings are the same, drivers, and versions.

HP doesn't support this printer anymore, so I cannot get help from them. Any thought, ideas, or opinions would be appreciated, thanks.
by peted on Jan 23, 2006 at 11:30am Add comment
Your issue may be with the printer setting and not the software. Under the tray menu there is a setting for the type not size of paper in the tray. Size is determined by the switches on the tray. For type you can specify letterhead, plain, preprinted etc. If that is set for plain and a job is sent from a computer which specifies plain paper it will take it first from tray 2. For some reason and I do not know why the 5SI is the only large network printer hp made which takes from tray 2 first and when that is empty from tray 3. Most hp printers take from the lowest or bottom tray first and then work their way up as long as each tray has the same size and TYPE paper specified in the printer settings. By telling the printer you have letterhead in tray 2 it will only draw from tray 2 when the computer specifically asks for letterhead.
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