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asked Jan 22, 2006 at 11:01am
Ibm IBM Laser Printer 4019

IBM 4019 Laser Printer

I'm original owner of this 16 yr.old wonderful little workhorse. It has worked flawlessly with a series of computers over the years, including my current 2 year old Dell running Windows XP with no problems until recently. Only changes have been recently: New toner cartridge installed and also I upgraded the memory recently, but it printed fine after those changes at first....the problem did not start until a week or so after the memory upgrade.

In a nutshell: for any print job it consistantly spits out a single solid black page and then it stops with error code #9 displayed. The solid black covers from left edge of paper to right edge (i.e., no margins) and from the top edge down 2/3 of the way, leaving the bottom 1/3 of page white.

All print jobs I send it appear to load OK (I can see the flashing light on printer panel indicating it is receiving job)...But then something goes wrong.

My manual says #9 indicates a font card error, BUT I do not use a font card...I use the resident font.

When this first started happening it was intermittent...that is, I would be able to print some jobs entirely normally, then some jobs would print part of a page OK and part of the page with wide black stripes or bands across it. Then it started 1/2 a page OK and the rest ALL SOLID BLACK. Now, however, all pages print solid black on all print requests, and the #9 error message comes up and job stops.

I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who may have a clue about what is happening.
Those printers actually have a 2 digit error code. You probably have a 93 error, which would relate to the laser scanner. You have to push one of the control panel buttons (can't remember which) to see the second digit. It will probably be a "3" which would be a laser scanner problem. It seems like the scanner is firing all the time. That is the only thing that would engender an error code and the symptoms you describe. Your only hope would be to find a used scanner somewhere. I think I have one in my stockpile of parts printers. They aren't very easy to replace. You have to remove the top cover to get at it. IBM/Lexmark seemed to have an affinity of hiring from the bottom 10\% of the graduating engineering/design classes. Never having taken an engineering class, I could do a lot better than they did! Brother likewise seemed to favor that segment of the engineering/design classes.
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Thanks for your response! Yes, you are correct...the error code is two part. First the #9 shows up and the machine stops. The owner's manuel says the #9 is a "service error code", and then if I press the Print/Check button a #4 appears.

So, if a #3 is the laser problem, do you happen to know what a #4 relates to?

By the way, if I turn off the printer, and then back on, the #9 is cleared...but it pops up again when I try to print a page. If you can think of anything I can try I am ready to dig in. - suzanne cory
Dear your response to my initial plea for help, you said:
"Your only hope would be to find a used scanner somewhere. I think I have one in my stockpile of parts printers."

I am very interested in finding out if you do have that scanner assembly, and if so then what it would cost?

I would prefer not to throw this wonderful old printer away and have to replace it with a modern piece of equipment intentionally designed to die in 2 years.

I hope I hear from you soon, and thank you in advance for anything you can do to help me repair my faithful old 4019.
Suzanne Cory - suzanne cory
The 94 error relates to the scanner assembly (or 'printhead' in IBM/Lexmark speak). I think it is a problem with the mirror motor not running at the correct spped, so requires the replacement of the scanner assembly, just as the 93 error does.

Replacing it is fairly straight forward. It is mounted under the top cover, and held in place by four long bolts. There are several cables to remove and refit to the new board.

The main issue in fitting the replacement is due to the fact that it needs to be set up to print squarely on the page, as the scanner pivots on the mounting bolts. This means that the printer has to be run with the top cover off to access the bolts, and test pages printed to check the adjustment, until it is square. It really is a job best left to an experienced technician.
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Hi Suzanne

Your spam control stopped my email, so hopefully you will see this.

I am in Western Australia, so have no idea where you would obtain either the part or the service at a cost effective price, as I gather you are somewhere else in the world.

Sadly it is likely that you won't be able to have it economically repaired. Sadly also, reliable work horses like the early IBM/Lexmark and indeed Hewlett Packard printers are no longer made. The modern trend is to build to a price, which effectively makes printers disposable items - often within a year or two.

There have been a few threads on Fix Your Own Printer which make recommendations about the best printers (new and still avaiable used models). Stick with laser, though.

Good luck.

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You are having the same problem I have. Error 9 is only the first part of the error - you must hold down two keys (I can't remember which ones) to read the second number. I am guessing it is a 4, which I have just found out is some sort of laser error. There are instructions on this board about it.
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