asked Nov 9, 2000 at 9:02am
Apple Apple StyleWriter Pro

LW Pro 810. Fuser Gears Don't Move

I have a used Apple Laserwriter Pro 810 that I picked up used from eBay. It's a bit noisy but seems to create an image just fine.

The problem is that the paper always jams right before the fuser. I believe that the gears in the fuser are simply not moving, at all. The rollers at the end of the paper path, visable from the outside of the printer, do not move as well.

Anyone have any ideas?

Also, I would really like to find a manual or other publication that would layout guidelines for care and maintanence.


Common problem on those. The fuser drive gear tends to get stripped. You can get a new one from Xerox, they make the printer. Fuser comes out pretty easy on those. It's a Fuji/Xerox XP15/20 engine. I hope you didn't pay too much, shipping must have been a killer on that big beast.
by moe on Nov 10, 2000 at 7:53am Add comment
Is the problem typically with the fuser unit itself, or with the gears that lead up to the fuser? I can replace the fuser pretty easily (I've actually already taken it out, just for fun), but don't want to spend the cash to find the problem is elsewhere. Anything I can look for? Can I run the printer with the lid open and the toner cartridge out, just to see what is going on?

Specifically, there was a post back in July 24 regarding a "q" gear that seems to drive the fuser. I'm wondering if I need to check this gear.

BTW: the printer was cheap enough, but yes, shipping was pretty stiff. $45 UPS ground, and of course it took forever. My biggest expense in resurrecting this thing was been the paper cartridges. There seem to be quite a few 810s that are out there without their trays; mine was one of them. I figured it would be a few bucks to get a set. Ended up paying more the trays then for the whole printer. Oh well.

Thanks again for your help. I'm really glad I found this web site.

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In my experience it's the gear that drives the fuser that fails. It's easy enough to look at the gears for wear. Wait until you have to buy a toner cartridge. New ones are over $200 if you can find them. They are the same as the Data Products 1520 or the Compaq Pagemarq 1520. You should have bought an HP4MV. We sell those for $600, but I don't like shipping anything that big. Live and learn.
by moe on Nov 10, 2000 at 5:47pm Add comment
The gear is available from Dataproducts as they had a printer on the same frame with their name on it. I changed mine with some effort but not impossible.
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