asked Jan 1, 2006 at 5:40pm
Hp HP Color Copier 120

iRET 2400, ProRes1200, FastRes and plain old RET?

Okay, it seems to me that HP is purposely trying to obfuscate the halftone print quality of their printers. It started with the 5si and 8000 when both had RET but the 8000 claimed 220 gray level output as opposed to humble 120 on the 5si spec sheet. Anyone who has produced graphics knows that the number of acheivable gray tones is dependent on the line screen chosen so I'd like to know if the number of gray levels cited in the spec sheets is based on a standard halftone line screen and if not, how do they come up with the specification?
I know what you are saying. We have a 8000 and using the FastRes does not produce good halftones. I actually think it's printing at 600-dpi, which I think is 50 levels of gray on a 85-lpi screen - (600/85)^2+1. The only good quality halftones I can get is from the ProRes, like in the HP 5000 series. It all in marketing BS.
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