asked Nov 7, 2000 at 8:47pm
Canon Canon Bubblejet (BJ) 20

Canon BJC-240L fried?

I need a little help. I have a 3 year old Canon printer. I just got a new computer desk and when I set the computer back up I accidentally plugged in the speaker power supply (12V AC) into the printer (13.5V DC). (Why do they make the adapters the same size?)

Is it likely that I fried a resistor or some fused circuit that can be repaired or did I toast the whole board?

The printer can be seen at auction for less than $20 + shipping, so I'm not too concerned; but I still would rather fix this one.

Thanks for any help (although I think I know what the answer is).

You're going to need a new power supply and you won't be able to get one for less than $20. You'd still have to spend time to disassemble it and put it in. Sometimes it's cheaper to just take the loss. You can always use it for parts if you get the same model.
by moe on Nov 8, 2000 at 7:25am Add comment
Well, it's already apart, easier than I expected for how mad I was. What does the power supply look like on the board? I actually may have access to another model for parts.

Unfortunately, nothing looks "burnt". Usually when I do something like this, there will be some evidence on the board for me to work backwards from.

Laslty, thank you very much for your input. I'm kind of the DIY for my family and friends, and I can see this website coming in handy for the necessary parts and instructions.

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The power supply board is the one on the bottom with the power jack on it
by moe on Nov 8, 2000 at 7:09pm Add comment
Well actually it is all on one board, and after some testing, I found a fuse on the board that had blown. It appears to be a 2 amp fuse, which would be consistent with the power stated on the AC/DC adapter of 1.0 amp. Engraved on the top of it is:

S 3 2A
* 72

and it is a little smaller than a mini auto fuse.

Where would I find such a fuse (13.5V DC - 2 amps)?

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