asked Jan 31, 2002 at 4:18pm
Apple Apple StyleWriter II

Laserwriter II Black Horizontal lines


I have a Apple Laserwriter II that has 1 black stripe, as well as a smugged area about 3-4 inches down from the top of the page, the toner cartridge has already been changed along with the printer being cleaned out thoroughly. I need to know if this is a fuser unit, or something along that line. If it is can someone point me in the right direction for a repair kit & cost.
If it were a fuser unit, you could see it on the surface of the teflon roller. Pull the cleaning wand out and look at the roller. If it has the teflon coming off at the same point as the stripe, then replace the fuser. It's $49 on this site. It would more likely be a toner cartridge problem from your description
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Can you please send me the link for a new fuser unit, I would appreciate it.
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