asked Dec 23, 2005 at 2:55am
Epson Epson Stylus Photo 1200

Epson 1200 stgopped printing and now slams

Hi I'm printing my Christmas cards and my Epson photo 1200 printer has just stopped printing.
This has happened before and I have had to pay 120.00 twice to get it cleaned out.

I would like to avoid this if possible.

When I turn on my printer, the cartridge goes half way and then slams to the right with all the lights turning on and the paper light flashing. I am on a MAC G5 with OS 10.3.
Because of that and the age of the printer, there is no longer a utility feature on the system. When I upgraded my computer this year, I could only get a driver available because the prenter is discontinued so all I can do is push the clean button. (No ink levels and no alignment feature)

There is a new cartridge in place that printed out twenty cards before this all started, so there is ink.

Any help would be great. If I have to clean it myself, if someone has any detailed procedure they can email me I would appreciate it .
Thanks Ken Dubowski.
Been a long time since I worked on one of these, so bear with me! If I remember correctly, this unit uses a home position sensor & stepper motor to move the carriage correctly. What I need you to do is power off the machine & move the carriage to the middle. Power on & watch what it does. If it moves slowly back towards the right & pauses when it gets to the home position sensor, then the sensor is operating correctly. The problem would then either be the carriage motor or something simple like just the bar needing lubrication. Try this anyway & let me know how you get on. To lube the bar use something like 3-in-1 or similar, nothing too thick.
Dazz UK
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Thanks. Lubing the bar seemed to do the trick after I tried your other suggestions first. Have a nice holiday and thanks, Ken
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Pleasure Ken,
You too!
Dazz UK
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