asked Nov 7, 2000 at 1:44pm
Hp HP LaserJet 5L

HP5L - Still jamming after kit installed

Hi! My HP5L is better after the kit, but it's not quite there yet.
It stopped feeding multiple pages and jamming in the upper paper
path, but it still jams in the lower paper path, as it gets past
the toner cartridge. There's no noise that may suggest a torn piece
of paper stuck in there, it just stops feeding. Any ideas? How can
I take apart this area of the printer to see if there's anything
stuck or broken in there?

We had an old version and a new version of the video for that printer. The new one shows how to disassemble the fuser assembly. I'm not sure which one you got. There is a photo on the troubleshooting page showing the fuser exit sensor with the fuser disassembled.
by moe on Nov 8, 2000 at 7:19am Add comment
Evidently, I have the old video. How can I get the new one?
by unknown on Nov 8, 2000 at 11:07am Add comment
You just got one. It'll be shipped tomorrow.
by moe on Nov 8, 2000 at 6:37pm Add comment