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Hp HP LaserJet 3150

HP 3150 Fixing Unit Problem


I hava an HP 3150 (model C4256A). I am getting a replace fixing unit error. I've found several posts on this forum but they are old. I really like this machine and can't find another new all-in-one laser that I like. I think mine is worth spending some money on if I can fix it right.

Can someone please tell me what part (and maybe the part number)I need? Is it just a parts swap or are there adjustments and procedures that need to be followed? Does anyone have a write-up with instructions on how to replace the fixing unit??


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Those fixing units aren't cheap. They're about $100-$120. They also aren't very easy to replace. Quite a bit of disassembly required to exchange them. If you're not extremely mechanically inclined, I wouldn't recommend you trying it.
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Thanks for the reply. As I stated, I really like my HP 3150. The new machines seem line junk compared to the 3150. It is still like new inside and works GREAT except for the daily fixing unit errors. I have no problem investing ~$120 into the parts, as long as it's a parts swap and not a matter of tuning and adjusting, where experience is a key element in getting the machine to perform as it used to. I was an NCR field engineer for 14 years and am used to repairing complex machines.

Obviously, a repair manual would help with accomplishing the replacement so I don't have to take things apart that don't need to be.

Any specifics regarding the needed parts and procedures would be appreciated.


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Taking the covers off isn't too bad. You have to remove the roller shaft above the fuser assembly and the right guide above it so you can pull the cover off. The tricky part is removing the front door assembly, spring hinges, etc. You don't replace the whole fuser, just the fixing heater assembly. The fuser isn't actually an assembly, just component parts. It would be prudent to check the condition of the rubber pressure roller as well as long as you have it disassembled.
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Thanks Again...I guess I should have asked where the fixing unit is located in the machine. I'm not sure. I've been doing some research on the part I need and I think it's the one listed below.

Film & 110V Heater Ass'y, Fuser, LJ 3100/3150 (RG5-4678).I've seen some refurbished for $99.00 or new for $115.00

What about the fixing film. Do I need that??

Which cover are you referring to that I need to take out the roller shaft and guide. Also, is the front door the big door that swings forward to take out the toner cartridge?

Some of the companies that sell the parts say they include detailed instructions. Should I get the service manual?? I think so..I saw them on Ebay.

Sorry for all the questions...

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OK..I got the service manual. Looks like a big pain to replace the fuser heater element but nothing I can't handle if I take my time.

Worst case is I screw it up and throw the whole thing in the trash after flushing a hundred bucks down the drain for the parts.....

Anybody got a nice used fuser or know where the best deal is? Are refurbished fusers worth while??


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I am having the same problem you have been writing about. Have you succeeded in replacing the fuser? Where did you get the manual and was it understandable and complete?

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Hi everyone,
I'm having the same problem. I ordered the manual from our host and while waiting for it I'm taking the covers off and wiping out the dust. I'll be watching the forum and probably asking questions as I progress (or regress) if I blow it.
Tom - Tom308
The problem is not solid so I haven't replaced the fixing unit yet. I bought 2 old printers on Ebay for $22.00 and I just got them a couple weeks ago. This was only 20\% of the price of a part alone from other sources. Send me your email address and I'll fill you in regarding the manual.


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[email protected] I was following your thread on this. It looks like you gave up and bought cheap machines whcih could be thrown away. Is that right? I think I might do the same given the price of new machines.
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I bought some old machines for cheap on EBay. One of them turned out to be a low-use good machine. I moved a few parts over to the machine I bought and it worked fine. That was a long time ago.

Last month I bought a new HP 3050 and it blows the old machine away. It has USB connectivity and is really fast. They had a sale at Office Depot and the new machine was only $200. I should have done this a long time ago.

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Yea, HP is selling the LJ 3050 for $300 but did have a sale in March at $100 off so it was only $200 then. Also at Office Max they had some open box or refirb. units for $99 with the full HP 1 year warranty. They are realy good all in ones'. Very few repairs on them, usually just cleaning.
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I'm glad to hear the LJ 3050 is a good machine. I really like mine. USB support, Vista support and fast are worth the $200 easy. It's not as compact or as nice looking as the 3150 but that's life.

One other thing worth noting. Because the 3150s are old, I was buying HP brand toner carts on Ebay for $20-$25. The toner carts for the 3050 are much more expensive Have you had any luck with the non-OEM carts? I usually stay away from they.

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Internet Sales, 800-832-1400 X725,
The Printer Works, Inc.
3481 Arden Road
Hayward, CA 94545

I ordered 2 units $79 each RG5-4681-000 FILM FIXING ASS'Y, 220V 3100 for my HP3150(model C4256A), as I had replace fixing unit error.

I typed in "HP3150 fixing unit assembly" and retrieved some diagrams to get a general location on the unit to be replaced.

My son, 17, my husband and I were able to take off the back, sides, and top. The unit has two plugs. We found a matching plug on the side of the unit and followed the cord to locate where we thought the unit might be. We took piece by piece off, carefully and in order (noting what screw went where, otherwise, you're "sc*[email protected]$ed!). Under the printer cartridge; under a black cover held down by a side unit; under a silver plate; and got to the bad unit. We took it out, put in the new one, replace all the parts and screws and voila!

It works.

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Did you end up replacing the fixing unit? Where did you get it? HOw much? How difficult to install? Thanks.
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My message on 2/1/06 4:48 PM tells what I ended up doing. Found some old machines on Ebay cheap and used one of them.

That's old news....The new units are fast, work with Vista and have USB ports. Get rid of the old 3150 and buy a new HP3050. You can get them for $200 bucks on sale and they blow the old 3150 away...
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Thanks for the update . . does the HP3050 have fax capabilities?
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Come on now.....Just check the HP website... - Anonymous
If someone has an extra IEEE B-C 1284 B-Female C-Male ADAPTER for a high density laserjet printer 3150 then please let me know.
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