asked Dec 15, 2005 at 11:59pm
Canon Canon Pixma MP750

CanonPixma MP750/780

I have been using a Canon Pixma MP780 for several months. After a recent computer crash/power failure I got a "Found new Hardware - Canon MP750" message on the computer. I unistalled and re-installed the software and the printer is now working again but shows as Canon MP750 and has lost some of its functions. How can I get it back to MP780 please? (both versions are on the CD but there is no choice there). Is this a setting on the printer and if so how can I alter it? Help much appreciated.
You will need to erase the driver in the driver folder on the computer, the one for the 750. Click on it and select delete. Than as your reinstalling the driver check the have disk box and insert your driver disk. It will come up usually with all the different drivers and allow you to select the correct driver.

I or Someone else could give better instructions if they kmew what operating system your running on your computer. They all work different on the setup of disk drivers.

Hope this helps
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Many Thanks Mike B.for your quick response. I am using Windows XP Home. Any further comments very welcome.
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Does anyone know why when I replace my ink tanks with brand new ink, it does not register as a new tank? I emailed Canon and they told me to take out the tanks, unplug the printer for 30 sec, plug it back in, and reinstall the tanks. It doesn't work. Isn't there an easy way to tell my printer I put new ink in!
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