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Epson Epson Stylus Photo 900

Epson Stylus Color 900 Not Feeding Completely


The printer will initially grab the sheet (by my pressing the paper button on the printer) but will not feed the paper the rest of the way. For a while we could laboriously "help" the sheet through but now that even fails. I can see the 10 little white rollers rotating right along, but the paper is just not making the connection far enough for them to pull it on through. All the while the cartridge has been faithfully performing it's print duty, though it doesn't realize it's been shooting ink onto no paper. I do however now have a nice inky black surface just forward of the rollers...

I've taken off the cover, hoping there's a loose screw or obvious mechanism to fix, but it didn't take long to realize I need help.

Thank You :-)

use a spray such as platenclene, spray some onto a tissue or soft cloth, and hold gently against the feed roller. press the paper feed button and the roller will turn against the cloth, which will clean the roller. do this a few times and the problem will be solved.
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Thank You...

I've cleaned all the rollers I can reach - the bottom with the 10 white rollers on top of it, and the big white-covered one on the top left where the paper originally enters - and no difference - the printer still only takes the paper a little bit initially when I press the feed button - and I think it's just not getting the paper far enough for the bottom roller (the one with those 10 white rollers on top) to grab it.

Perhaps I should clean the top right one - if that is a roller (black covering) - I'm not sure how to get to that one? If so, is there a schematic or directions how to get there?

Thanks so much:-)
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Check to make sure nothing has fallen into the paper path from the sheet feeder side. You may want to gently tip the printer upside down and see what falls out.
Hope this helps.
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You guys are great! I finally found that feed roller on the right (boy that's tricky to get to ) and yep, cleaning it out did the job!

Thank You So Very Much!
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