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Epson Epson Stylus Color 660

epson 660 printer problems

I have an epson stylus 660,running on Win98se,it was working good until i installed McAfee 2005 virus suite,when printing greeting cards,it prints the front picture fine but when it comes to the words inside,it prints about 60\% then jumps about 25mm and then finishes print,sometimes it only does 25\% and stops,have tried removing and reinstalling drivers to no avail,please help.thanks
Check to make sure that the carriage rod is clean and the carriage is able to move back and forth without binding. After cleaning, reoil the carriage rod with a non gumming oil such as sewing machine oil.
Hope this helps.
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You've got a software prob. my friend..dump it and get something compatible with your output device.


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Just installed new black cartridge. Colors were at least half full. Did not print properly, light lines thru. Black printing OK tho. Cleaned nozzles, was supposed to print in red, but printed half in red and half in green. Second time I tried it printed all in green. And it shows my color cartridges are about 1/4 full. This printer eats ink like I have never seen.
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Just had a major power failure here -- four days worth of no electricity. Since then, my 660 "pretends" to print, but nothing shows up on the page. Have changed the cartridges and run all the utilities to no avail.

Someone suggested using alcohol and a thin wire to attempt to clean what we assume to be a clog between cartridge and paper. Didn't work.

We have an old laptop (no CD ROM drive)running off 98 (not SE) and consequently doesn't accommodate most new printers. It HAS to be an Epson for the software we're using.

Any suggestions??


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